Growth Portfolio

  Tactical Asset Allocation
Equities 75.00%
US 14.00%
Europe 16.00%
Japan 13.00%
Asia Pacific ex Japan 20.00%
Emerging Markets ex Asia 12.00%
Fixed Income 14.00%
Developed Markets (DM) 11.50%
DM Government Bonds 5.50%
DM Corporate Bonds 6.00%

Emerging Markets (EM)

Alternatives 8.00%
Commodity 2.00%
Gold 3.00%
Hedge Funds 3.00%
Cash 3.00%

Source: DBS CIO Office, Morningstar Investment Management Asia Limited, as of 30 June 2017


  1. Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against market loss.
  2. Percentages denote actual tactical asset allocation weights for a 3-month time horizon.

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