Scan & Pay bills with a FPS QR code

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scan & Pay?

Scan & Pay is our mobile payment feature powered by Faster Payment System (FPS)*. Simply use DBS digibank HK to scan the FPS QR code provided by a merchant or payee and you can checkout, pay bills or transfer funds faster.

* Scan & Pay service is supported by Faster Payment System which is provided and operated by Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited.

Where can I use Scan & Pay?

You can use it to make purchases right at the merchants who accept FPS QR code for payment, or to pay utility or merchant bills with the FPS QR code printed on the bill statements, or to transfer funds to payees with the FPS QR code provided by them.

Generally, there should be a FPS logo within/beside the QR code supporting the FPS service. If you are not sure whether the QR code supports FPS service, please check with the payee/merchant.

How do I use Scan & Pay?

Simply activate the transfer limit , then you can start using it by tapping on the "Scan and Pay" button on the homepage of DBS digibank HK. For details, please visit

How to activate the transfer limit?
How to use Scan & Pay?

What is the maximum payment amount of Scan & Pay?

A daily limit up to HK$10,000 is shared between PayFast, eLaisee and Scan & Pay. You can set your preferred limit within HK$10,000 via DBS iBanking. If the payment amount exceeds your remaining daily transfer limit for Scan & Pay, we will debit the whole transaction amount from your daily transfer limit for “non-registered payee” to complete the Scan & Pay transfer, and it requires authentication with your Digital Token or Secure Device.

How to set up transfer limit via DBS iBanking?

I can't scan the QR code. What should I do?

Please check with the merchant/payee who provided the FPS QR code if the QR code supports the FPS service.

Is it safe to pay with Scan & Pay?

Scan & Pay transactions are authenticated with your login credentials at DBS digibank HK or biometric information. Upon completion of the transaction, you will also receive confirmation via SMS and email.

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