Cool perks up for grabs in Klook!

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Thank you for registering DBS x Klook Staff Exclusive offer! You can enjoy unbeatable discount on Klook’s products for your next escape via InstaRedeem with DBS Credit Cards!

(To enjoy InstaRedeem offers, please update your Klook app to the latest version)

First time booking Offset HK$100
Example: If you spend HK$100 on Klook for the first time during promotion period, you can enjoy InstaRedeem offer of HK$100 discount!
Subsequent bookings DBS$1/$1 Compass dollar=HK$2
Example: On your second booking at Klook, if the booking amount is HK$500, you can choose to offset by DBS$250 to fully settle the booking!
Remarks: 1. Conversion of DBS$ / COMPASS Dollar is in integral. 2. The “InstaRedeem” amount of this Promotion cannot be enjoyed in conjunction with other “InstaRedeem” promotion offers.


What's Next?

Upon program registration, simply...

Step 1 1. Download DBS Omni and complete account registration. Enable the “InstaRedeem” push notification in DBS Omni
Step 2 2. Register Klook account with the mobile phone number provided at Klook HK website or its mobile application
Step 3 3. Make a booking at Klook and settle payment via DBS Credit Cards. Payment has to be made directly with Applicable Credit Cards
(Payment made via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, Alipay HK or others e-wallet are not applicable to this promotion)
Step 4 4. Register “InstaRedeem” function by following the instruction at Klook website / mobile application right after the transaction is made at Klook and enjoy InstaRedeem after registration


How to Register InstaRedeem Function on Klook?

Registration steps


How to Offset Your Payment?

Offset payment steps


Promotion Period

  • 11 – 17 November 2020


We’d Love Hear from You!

Feedback pic Give us your comments on the usage experience after your bookings! A HK$50 MCL cinema ticket voucher* will be offered as a token of appreciation. Share your thoughts


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# Only applicable to cardholder who has enrolled into DBS$ Redemption Scheme under the DBS$ Reward Scheme.
* Only applicable to the first 50 staff posting comments on the designated comment form.


Staff offer is only applicable to principal credit card cardholder. Payment made via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, Alipay or others e-wallet are not applicable to this Promotion. Photos are for reference only.


Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!