DBS Omni Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions
    DBS Omni Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions

    When I apply for credit card, how can I take photo of HKID card in DBS Omni mobile app?
    When you take photo of HKID card in DBS Omni mobile app, please allow the app for using camera, then follow the instructions to place the ID on flat surface. The HKID card image should be placed within the photo frame. The app will automatically focus and take 2 photos with flash. If the app fails to take photos in 20 seconds, it will be switched to manual mode.
    After taking photos of HKID card, I found that there was an error in the "ID card information" automatically filled in. How do I deal with it?
    Please press "Scan" in the upper right corner for photo shooting again.
    When I input English address King’s Road, why does the app show an error?
    The app does not accept symbol input (for example: -~ ! $ % * /), please fill in Kings Road.
    Do I need to submit a new application if the original one was interrupted?
    No, you can retrieve your application through the DBS Omni mobile app or go.dbs.com/hk-cardresume.
    Why do my friend has credit card approved instantly through DBS Omni mobile app but I have to provide other documents?
    We might need submission of documents to process the application depending on different situations.
    After providing documents, will my credit card application be approved?
    We will analyze and evaluate the information provided by the client and credit reports for approval.
    When can I know my credit card application result after submission of documents?
    When we have received all the documents, your credit card application will be proceeded within 10-14 working days.
    When will I receive physical credit card for application through DBS Omni?
    Physical card will be mailed within three working days after successful approval.
    I did not add credit card to Apple Wallet or Google Pay immediately after approval. Can I add it back?
    Yes. You can log in to DBS Omni, your credit card is displayed on Dashboard, you can click Apple Wallet or Google Pay icon next to the credit card for adding card. If you have received the physical credit card, you can also add directly to Apple Wallet or Google Pay.
    When I successfully added my credit card to Apple Wallet or Google Pay, when can I use it?
    You can use it right away.
    I would like to learn more about the Special Limited Offer. Who can I ask?
    If you would like to learn more about the Travel $one and Purchase $one, you can click the "Chubb's Policy Wording and Eligibility Requirements" on the Special Limited Offer page, or you can call DBS Chubb Insurance Service Hotline at (852) 3191 6618 for enquiry (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, excluding public holidays).
    When will the Special Limited Offer be effective?
    Subject to successful billing of the Premium, the insurance policy will be effective on the day your new card is approved and Chubb will send you the notification by SMS and the policy documents by email.
    How do I pay for the Special Limited Offer?
    We will debit the annual insurance premium of HK$365 (levy included) from your new DBS credit card within 20 days of card approval. You shall be liable for the Premium regardless of whether you have activated the new card.
    Is my subscription of the Special Limited Offer still valid if my credit card application is rejected, cancelled or withdrawn?
    If the Premium cannot be debited within 20 days of card approval (due to reasons including but not limited to the card approval has been rejected/ withdrawn/ cancelled), the subscription of the Special Limited Offer will be cancelled automatically without further notice.