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Multi-Currency Savings Account

Save and transact in 13 multiple currencies with the all-in-one account.

Tailored to your transaction needs

  • Choice of 13 currencies
  • Preferential interest rates exclusive to DBS Treasures customers
  • All-in-one eStatements to show balances and transaction details in all currencies
  • Packaged with ATM card and accessible via multiple channels: DBS iBanking, DBS mBanking, Phone Banking to meet all your banking needs
  • Free banking services including ATM, Monthly Statement and Autopay Services

Better manage your Foreign Currency Exposure

  • Easy currency conversion to take advantage of any foreign exchange movement
  • Cash withdrawal in foreign currencies
  • Receive foreign currency funds directly in your account

How to Open an Account

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Risk Disclosure Statement: Foreign Exchange involves risk. Customers should note that foreign exchange may incur loss due to the fluctuation of exchange rate.

DBS Remit
DBS Remit

Unlimited Online $0 Charge for same-day transfer to any bank in China, UK and DBS Singapore

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