Join DBS Treasures to enjoy welcome rewards up to HK$27,500
Promotion period: 1 April – 30 April, 2020

Total Rewards up to
Fund in HK$1,000,000 –
< HK$3,000,000
Fund in HK$3,000,000 –
< HK$5,000,000
Fund in HK$5,000,000
or above
Special Funds Reward
Special Funds Reward

Maintain monthly Total Relationship Balance (excluding any Time Deposits)

New Treasures iWealth Reward
New Treasures iWealth Reward

Maintain HK$1,000,000 or above AND log in to DBS iWealth® app

Transaction Reward
Transaction Reward

Completed 1) at least 2 of the designated transactions* AND/ORb) FPS recurring fund-in for $10,000 per month during Transaction Reward Counting Period

Bonus Reward
Bonus Reward

Maintain HK$1,000,000 or above in the 4th - 6th month

Wealth Management Account Opening Reward
Wealth Management Account Opening Reward

Log in to DBS iBanking and set up Wealth Management Accounts

Wealth Management Transaction Reward
Wealth Management Transaction Reward

Complete designated Investment transaction with HK$100,000 or above


*4 designated transactions include: 1. Online bill payment 2. Register for Faster Payment System (FPS) with a DBS Account as default fund receiving account 3. Make a deposit ≥ HK$50,000 via standing instruction/auto-payroll 4. Apply for a DBS Octopus ATM Card or DBS ATM Card and complete at least 1 Octopus Automatic Add Value Services (AAVS) transaction/cash withdrawal of HK$500 or above

Online Account Opening Rewards
Open Multi-Currency Savings Account & Wealth Management Account via DBS iWealth® app in 10 minutes

Online Account Opening Exclusive Reward
Online Account Opening Reward

Open an account via DBS iWealth® app and maintain HK$1,000,000 or above

Extra HK$500

DBS iWealth® appDBS iWealth® Exclusive Reward# Conduct below transaction through DBS iBanking and/or DBS iWealth® app to enjoy exclusive rewards

Online Equity Trading

0% brokerage for all BUY transaction for HK, SG, US, Canada, Japan, Australia, UK stocks.
Total Brokerage rebate capped at HK$10,000

Online Foreign Currency Exchange+

Trade with aggregate transaction of HK$300,000 or above (or equivalent)
HK$300 Cash Reward

Online Fund Investment

Trade with aggregate subscription amount of HK$300,000 or above (or equivalent)
HK$1,500 Cash Reward

Online Remittance

Up to HK$1,000 Cash Reward when conducting remittance and FX trading at the same time

Current & Saving Account Transaction Loyalty Reward

Enjoy up to HK$150 cash reward in each reward period by settling day-to-day banking transactions online

#Reward is only applicable to transaction(s) made via Wealth Management Accounts through DBS iBanking and/or DBS iWealth® app
+Including conversions between USD and HKD or vice versa.

Meet Up Reward

HK$100 cash coupon for meeting with designated Financial Planning Manager

Investment Transaction Reward*

Up to HK$18,000 for completing below investment transaction

Aggregated Transaction Amount
(in HK$ or equivalent)
Cash Reward (HK$)
Equity Linked Product/Bonds/Investment Fund)
Cash Reward (HK$)
(Foreign Currency Exchange^)
$300,000 -< $1,000,000 $600 $200
$1,000,000 -< $3,000,000 $2,000 $1,000
$3,000,000 -< $5,000,000 $7,000 $3,500
$5,000,000 or above $12,000 $6,000
Investment Fund Transfer-in Reward
  • Up to HK$20,000 reward for Investment Fund Transfer-in Basic Offer
  • Unlimited rewards for Investment Fund Transfer-in Step Up Offer with designed transactions
Bonds Transfer-in Reward*

Up to HK$10,000 reward for Bonds Transfer-in

^Making Foreign Currency Exchange transactions (excluding any online currency exchange transaction and USD to HKD exchange transactions and vice versa) with transaction amount of HK$200,000 or above (or equivalent).
* Investment Transaction Rewards, DBS iWealth® Exclusive Reward and Bonds Transfer-in Reward are applicable to Wealth Management Accounts transactions and / or transfer in only

DBS Eminent Visa Signature Card Privileges
  • Unlimited Cash Rebates Program: Register and earn unlimited rebates without designated spending requirement
  • Exclusive Birthday Spending Rebate for DBS Treasures customers: Enjoy 1.6% rebate on local dining spending during birthday month
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Treasures Member Get Member

With no limits! Earn HK$1,000 Referral Reward for the first successful referral and HK$1,500 Referral Reward each starting with two successful referrals

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Join DBS Treasures

For clients with investible assets of HK$1 million
Open Multi-Currency Savings Account & Wealth Management Account via DBS iWealth® app in 10 minutes


  • New to DBS or an existing DBS Credit Card Customer
  • Hong Kong Permanent Resident aged 18 or above
  • Not a US Resident, US citizen or holding a US Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)
  • Not using the new Smart HKID

For new Smart HKID DBS credit card customers with more than one year relationship with the Bank, please click here to open a multi-currency savings account online in 8 minutes.

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