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DBS Treasures Manned Phone Banking Service

Call our DBS Treasures Manned Customer Service Hotline and receive immediate attention. Call free of charge from nearly two dozen locations worldwide and we will attend promptly to your banking needs.


  • Priority banking services
  • Access from 20 designated locations worldwide
  • Immediate assistance from customer service officers
  • Free of charge

Set up Personal Menu

The Personal Menu Services enable you to access your DBS Treasures account information more readily.

With your Phone Banking Service (PBS) Account Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN), you can set up your Personal Menu with ease by following the steps below:

Step 1: Call 2961 2338
Step 2: Select language
Step 3: Press 1 > enter your PBS Account Number > enter your PIN > then press 5 – 1
Step 4: Select max 5 services at your choice

For example:

Press 1 – 01 to select “Account Balance Enquiry”
Press 2 – 28 to select “Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Enquiry”
Press 3 – 02 to select “Same Currency Fund Transfer”

Please click here to see the list of services which are applicable in setting the Personal Menu

How to Apply

  • Contact your DBS Treasures Relationship Manager or visit any of our branches
  • Call our Customer Services hotline at (852) 2290 8888

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Customers are advised not to leave their bank cards unattended in public areas, including public lockers. Fraudsters may be able to steal / duplicate bank cards and then impersonate bank staff to obtain cardholders' ATM Personal Identity Number ("PIN") or the Telephone Identity Number ("TIN") for phone banking services. Please note that DBS staff will NOT ask customers for their PINs or TINs - for any purpose. Please call our branches at 2290 8888.

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