Find out about upcoming and past events organised by DBS BusinessClass and our partners. These include seminars, exclusive networking events, business insights and more.

Disrupt Events

Electronics Disrupt

Electronics DisruptDBS BusinessClass Hong Kong celebrates 3 Years. A new wave of technological Innovation for the electronics industry. A top-down view of rapidly evolving sectors.

Smart Living Disrupt

Smart Living DisruptEncourage Hong Kong SMEs to address industry pain points with innovative technologies. Create a smarter life and explore business opportunities.

Electronics Disrupt

Electronics DisruptEmpower innovation through the electronics industry

Apparel Disrupt

Apparel DisruptSustainable development and environmental preservation are two current hot topics, but how these be practically implemented?

Food and Beverages Disrupt

Food and Beverages DisruptHong Kong is one of the world’s leading gourmet dining centers. With its blended culture of East and West, the city offers a wide range of world cuisine.

Retailers Disrupt Event

Retailer DisruptDBS BusinessClass Retailers Disrupt was successfully held on 14 August, and our event attracted over 300 retail industry elites to participate.

Service Industry Disrupt

Disrupt EventThrough this Service Industry Disrupt, we hope to develop new insights together and connect you with industry thought leaders and innovation solution providers.

Apparel Disrupt

Apparel DisruptTake a closer took on the innovation of the apparel industry supply chain

F&B Disrupt Transformation Pitch

F&B Disrupt Transformation PitchHow to disrupt F&B Industry by 8 tech startups.

SME Retailers Disrupt Event

DBS BusinessClass SME Retailers Disrupt EventWith an impressive lineup of speakers and immersive-technology exhibitors, DBS BusinessClass SME Retailers Disrupt had one aim – to help solve SME retailers’ pain points.