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Singapore / Inflation

Singapore: Heading for a recession...

March 18, 2020

As the Covid-19 outbreak continued to worsen, a recession in Singapore appears inevitable.

Key summary points
  • The Singapore economy is likely to sink into a recession amid the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak
  • The services sector will bear the brunt, but key manufacturing sector will not be spared too
  • We have lowered our full year forecast down to -0.5% to reflect the recession risk
  • A second stimulus package of about SGD 14-16bn (approx. 2.9% of GDP) could be announced soon
  • The MAS may also announce a more aggressive monetary response to the crisis

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Macro Insights

India’s Economies and Markets Around Elections

March 05, 2019


China / Real Estate

China Property: Fundamentals remain largely intact

March 16, 2020

Chinese residential property developers could see signs of improvement as early as April, assuming the virus outbreak remains well under the government’s control.

Asia / Industrials

Regional Airlines: Surviving COVID-19

March 16, 2020

Demand for air travel has plunged amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. We believe airlines will likely report losses for the first six months of 2020.

Equity Strategies

Hong Kong / Equities

Hong Kong Monthly Market Pulse: Pandemic fears take centre ...

March 06, 2020

Core impact of Covid-19 expected to be most apparent for Hong Kong businesses in 1H20; Public vigilance and government responses to help lead rebound in 2H20.

Key summary points
  • Pandemic fear induced panic in markets, putting a halt to the rebound in the HK market
  • China’s newly confirmed cases has passed a turning point, pointing to a return to normalcy
  • Adjust down HSI target to 29,800, to reflect impacts of COVID-2019
  • Public vigilance and government responses expected to take effect and lead rebound

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