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China / FX

China/HK: GBA Wealth Connect is coming...

July 09, 2020

The PBoC and its Hong Kong and Macau counterparts have recently announced plans to establish a cross-boundary Wealth Management Connect pilot scheme in the Greater Bay Area.

Key summary points
  • Wealth Management Connect is the 4th cross-border investment channel…
  • … between Hong Kong and mainland China since 2014
  • Wealth managers stand to benefit given Guangdong’s massive affluent population
  • At the initial stage, the scheme will cover mainly investment products with relatively low risk
  • The channel enables closed-loop RMB funds flow across the border to contain financial risks

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Macro Insights

India’s Economies and Markets Around Elections

March 05, 2019


Hong Kong / Real Estate

Solid residential demand in Hong Kong

July 09, 2020
Hong Kong

With solid demand from first-time buyers and a favourable interest rate environment, the outlook of the residential market could be more positive than previously anticipated.

China / Financials

Deepening SOE reform the next catalyst

July 07, 2020

China’s plan to deepen SOEs’ mixed-ownership reform signals more funding activities to come. We expect this to drive earnings in China’s brokerage sector.

Equity Strategies

Hong Kong / Equities

Navigating a raging storm...

June 05, 2020

We expect China-US tensions, which is set to rise ahead of the US presidential election, will add to the volatility in the Hong Kong market in the months ahead.

Key summary points
  • US President Donald Trump’s plan to revoke HK’s special trading status leaves uncertainties
  • Ample liquidity amidst post-COVID bounce back has fuelled improving risk appetite
  • But China-US tensions ahead of US presidential election will add volatility in the months ahead
  • Maintain HSI target of 26,300 with more China domestic-focused top picks

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