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Your Accounts

HKD Savings & Current Accounts

HKD Savings & Current AccountsManage your savings and expenses with flexibility and convenience by choosing from an array of interest-earning accounts.

DBS Treasures Octopus ATM Card

DBS Treasures Octopus ATM CardCombining the features of ATM functions and Octopus card, and the Octopus AAVS has been pre-activated for you. Enjoy the ultimate shopping convenience with our services.

Renminbi Services

Renminbi ServicesManage your Renminbi (RMB) funds with our wide range of RMB products and services.

Multi-Currency Savings Account

Multi-Currency Savings AccountAn interest-earning, all-in-one account that lets you save and transact in 14 multiple currencies.

Time Deposit

Time DepositWe offer you with different combinations of deposit tenor, deposit currency and renewal instructions.