Tips on identifying direct marketing calls

We only conduct direct marketing activities with those existing customers who have consented to or have not opted-out of receiving direct marketing materials.

We always disclose our caller identity as below:

3668 xxxx

2290 8xxx

2290 4094

2290 4133

2290 4138

2290 4158


  1. Our staff will provide their full names and their staff numbers.

  2. We do not authorise or appoint any intermediaries for business referrals on personal loan applications.

  3. We never collect personal data, including financial and credit card information, of the general public via social media or other websites.



If in doubt, please call our direct marketing call enquiry hotline at 2290 8345.

Supplementary information:

The Bank advises members of the public to protect themselves and exercise due caution by taking the following actions:


  1. Do not disclose your personal financial information to third party.

  2. Do not transfer your money to unknown party account.

  3. Ask for the caller’s contact number and information, and verify with the Bank’s designated hotline at (852) 2290 8345.

  4. If you have disclosed any personal information to any suspicious third parties, you should contact the Hong Kong Police Force immediately.

  5. You may exercise your opt-out right by notifying the Bank at any time and without charge. To opt-out marketing calls, you may use any of the following ways:

    • you may simply notify our telemarketer during the marketing call.

    • you may inform our designated hotline (as above) when you verify the caller identity.

    • if you are customer of the Bank, please click here to download the Opt-out Request Form or from any of our branches.

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