Add Payee through DBS digibank HK

You may add a new payee account to the payee list while you make bill payment through DBS digibank HK

  1. Log in to DBS digibank HK. Go to menu and select “Pay Bills”
  2. Select “Pay Bills”
  3. Select “Pay New Bills”
  4. Select a “Merchant Category”, “Merchant”, “Bill Type”, and enter a “Bill / Account Number”, then click “NEXT”
  5. You may click DBS icon on the top left-hand side to select the debit account. Enter an amount and select a payment date, then click “NEXT”
  6. Verify payment details, then click “CONFIRM”. The button of “Add the merchant to your payee list” is set to “YES” as default, and the payee will automatically be added to the payee list
  7. Payment completed & new payee added

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