DBS$ reward scheme

You can earn DBS$ 1 for every HK$250 spending.



You may find the DBS$ reward scheme as below:

DBS Credit Card

Conversion rate

DBS Black Card

HK$250 Local spending = DBS$ 2


HK$250 Overseas spending = DBS$ 3


HK$250 added to AAVS(Octopus Card Automatic Add-Value Service) = DBS$ 1


HK$250 purchase with Card Interest-Free Installment Loan = DBS$ 1

Other Applicable Credit Cards

HK$250 eligible spending =DBS$ 1


HK$250 local dining transaction = DBS$ 3

(excluding DBS Co-branded Card, DBS Pay Less VISA, The DBS Black Card, COMPASS VISA, 3Everyday COMPASS VISA, CV+, DBS Business Card and Private Label Card)


  • New DBS$ reward scheme will be effective on 1 December 2016, please refer “New DBS$ reward scheme” for more details.

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