More Opportunity - Transfer in via eDDA now to get your split of HK$1M cash reward

There’s never been a better time to transfer funds to your DBS account! Simply link your accounts at other local banks1 to your DBS account via our new eDDA2 Transfer in service in the DBS digibank HK app and get your split of our HK$1M cash reward now!

Reliable and instant way to transfer in to your DBS account3
Seize time-sensitive investment opportunities
Settle your payment needs instantly

Link your other bank accounts1 with our eDDA Transfer In service to enjoy these rewards during the promotion period


Transfer in HK$100 or above

Earn 2 eStamps for every eligible transfer

eStamp Promotion Period: 1 Oct to 22 Dec 2022


Transfer in of a combined total of HK$2,000 or above

Earn HK$100 cash reward

Promotion Period: 29 Jun to 31 Oct 2022


Transfer in of a combined total of HK$10,000 or above

Enter our lucky draw to get a guaranteed split of the HK$1M cash reward

Promotion Period: 29 Jun to 31 Oct 2022

  1. Click Draw Now below to draw your reward amount!
  2. Click Submit Result and input your personal details in the confirmation page* to be eligible to redeem your reward!
  3. Ensure you have transferred in a combined total of HK$10,000 or above during the promotion period

You have won a HK$100 cash reward!

Tips* Tips:  First time lucky draw result submission shall prevail

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The offers are subject to Terms and Conditions.

For eStamp programme Terms and Conditions, please click here.

1 Available to selected banks only.

2 eDDA only supports transfers from the customer’s same-name accounts at other banks to the customer’s DBS account (and not to a third party). The customer should ensure details of the personal information are the same between the accounts and that the account they would like to link from Payer Bank is valid. DBS will only verify whether the DBS account selected to receive funds is eligible and there is no duplication in eDDA set-up instructions. The acceptance of the eDDA set-up instruction will be subject to the payer banks’ approval.

3 The exact timing of debiting funds to your DBS account will be subject to the operation of Payer Bank.

4 Terms and Conditions apply. Please refer to Faster Payment System section under section M of the Bank Accounts and Services Terms and Conditions.

This is an immediate fund-in capability within DBS mobile banking by leveraging an FPS-supported service called eDDA that allows you to:

1) set up authorisation on debiting your other local bank accounts

2) submit immediate fund-in instructions

Transfer in limits differ for different banks as they are subject to arrangements between DBS and other banks.
Recurring transfers from other banks only allow you to transfer a fixed amount to your DBS account at a fixed frequency.
eDDA Transfer In Service offers you the flexibility to instantly transfer any amount (within the prescribed limit) to your DBS account from the linked bank anytime.
You will receive SMS and email notifications no matter the account linking is successful or not.
You will receive SMS and email notifications no matter the transfer in is successful or not.

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