Are you really aware of how much you need to save?

Based on our record from 2020 saving challenge program, our customers save an average of HK$40,000 a month. How about you?


Do you know how much does your goal cost?*

Ticket Price: HK$2,100
Hotel: HK$11,000
Transportation: HK$500

= HK$13,600


Mortgage: HK$2,000,000 (20% of property price)
Stamp Duty: HK$375,000 (3.75% of property price)
Lawyer Fee: HK$10,000
Commission: HK$100,000 (1% of property price)

= HK$2,485,000

Pre-wedding Photo: HK$50,000
The Betrothal: HK$50,000
Marriage Registration: HK$3,000
Wedding Dress, make up, big day wedding photo: HK$120,000
Wedding Banquet: HK$250,000 (around 12 tables)

= HK$473,000

Take The University of Hong Kong (HKU)1 as an example: Local Student Education Fee for 2 year: HK$42,100

= HK$42,100

* The saving goal cost are for reference only.


Fancy a better return and reach your goal faster?

It’s all about your preference. If you are DBS Treasures and DBS Account customer, you can challenge yourself with HKD or RMB Saving plan. RMB Saving Plan guarantee you 3 times better cash reward, so you can reach your saving goal better. Join us from 30 April – 31 May 2021.

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Stay ahead and work towards your goal

Cash Reward Counting Period: 1 May – 31 August 2021

Average Month-end
Incremental Balance

Preferred Currency Saving Plan
HKD Currency Saving Plan Cash Reward (HKD) RMB Currency Saving Plan Cash Reward (RMB)
30,000 - <50,000 300 900
50,000 - <80,000 600 1,800
80,000 or above 1,000 3,000

^ Successfully receive at least HKD/RMB 30,000 Eligible Monthly Deposits each month with Month-end Incremental Balance in your designated DBS account via auto-payroll service and/or standing instruction and/or Faster Payment System (FPS) during Cash Reward Counting Period. For more information, please refer to Frequent Asked Question #3 and #5.


How to get the reward?


What are you waiting for?

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Frequent Asked Questions

Source: Hong Kong Airlines Ltd,, reubird, University of Hong Kong, AIA, The New Savvy, Plato.HK

1 The University of Hong Kong, Programme Fee and Payment, 2021.

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