Opportunities in Hong Kong

Wealth Accumulation

Leverage on our full spectrum of wealth management services and structured financial products to grasp more wealth opportunities.

Dual Tranche Dual Counter (DTDC)

  • Allocate your capital flexibly by trading stocks of the same issuer in both RMB and HKD

Brand New Online Trading Platform^

  • Real time access to trade in Hong Kong, Singapore, U.S., Canada, Japan, Australia and U.K. stock markets
  • Stock screener feature allows you to identify potential opportunities based on your preference
  • Stock comparison function allows you to compare different stocks at a glance
  • Comprehensive chart analysis tool gives you a holistic analysis of your preferred stocks
  • Smart Search Bar allows you to place order on the platform at ease
  • Timely market analysis and commentaries keep your finger on the pulse of market trends
^ Brand New DBS Online Trading Platform applicable to DBS Treasures customer who opened a Wealth Management Account.

CNY Linked Structured Investment Products

  • Offers a fixed interest amount payable upon maturity date
  • Minimum investment as low as CNY100,000
  • Explore the currency market of Chinese Yuan (CNY), also known as Renminbi
  • Short to medium investment tenor, normally less than or equal to 1 year

Equity Linked Products

  • Choose from a range of stocks and investment tenors for greater flexibility
  • Chance to buy your favourite stock at a pre-determined price

Currency Linked Investment

  • Flexible currency choice (70 combinations) and investment periods (from 1 week to 3 months)
  • Opportunities to buy your favourite currency at a pre-determined price
  • Minimum investment deposit amount as low as HKD100,000

RMB Bonds

  • Regular interest payments and principal upon the bond’s maturity, subject the credit risk of the issuer
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Potential capital gain


  • Over 1,000 funds with different share classes and diversified investment styles managed by worldwide investment managers.


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Important Notes

DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited is not your investment adviser or acting in any fiduciary capacity to you. The above information is not and shall not be considered as investment advice. It does not constitute any offer or solicitation of offer to subscribe, transact or redeem any investment product. Investment involves risk. Past performances are not indicative of future performances. You should not rely on the above information alone to make any investment decision. You should carefully read the product offering documentation and our “Investment Products Consolidated Terms and Conditions” or “Terms and Conditions for Accounts under Wealth Management Investment Portfolio” (whichever applicable) for detailed product information and risk factors prior to making any investment. If you have any doubt on this material or any product offering documentation, you should seek independent professional advice.

Structured Investment Product, Equity Linked Products and Currency Linked Investment are structured products involving derivatives while Bond and Funds are investment products and some of them may involve derivatives. The investment decision is yours but you should not invest in the all products stated unless DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited has explained to you that these are suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives.

Structured Investment Product, Equity Linked Products and Currency Linked Investment are NOT principal protected deposit and are NOT protected by the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong. They are different from traditional time deposit and should not be treated as their substitutes. They are unlisted products and there may be no secondary market. Investing in these products is not the same as investing in the underlying assets. The investment is subject to the credit risk of the issuer. In the worst case scenario, customer will receive no interest payment and lose all of the investment.

RMB currently may not be freely convertible and is subject to exchange controls and restrictions.

There is no guarantee that RMB will not depreciate. If you convert Hong Kong Dollar or any other currency into RMB so as to invest in a RMB product and subsequently convert the RMB sale proceeds back into Hong Kong Dollar or any other currency, you may suffer a loss if RMB depreciates against Hong Kong Dollar or other currency.

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