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Protect yourself and your family and achieve wealth succession with a complete suite of insurance plans.

ManuShine Healthcare Series

  • An insurance product that covers your treatment expenses, provides all-round protection before and after your hospital stay and rewards for staying healthy.

Universal Life

  • A holistic planning for your life protection, wealth accumulation, estate planning and financial planning needs.


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ManuShine Healthcare Series is a non-participating life insurance policy, which suits you if you are looking for a medical insurance product by paying the required premium as long as medical protection is desired. There is no savings element in the product. If the policy is surrendered, the protection will be ceased immediately and there is no amount payable. Discontinuation of paying premium will also cause the policy to lapse and the protection will be ceased immediately and there is no amount payable. Claim will be subject to effective date of benefit, incontestability, pre-existing conditions, suicide, claims procedures and exclusions clauses. Claims will only be paid for Medically Necessary services based on Reasonsable and Customary charges.

Universal Life is a life insurance plan which suits you if you are looking for a long term life protection and have ability to fulfill the premium requirement. The product will be subject to a surrender charge in the first 15 policy years. If you discontinue and/or surrender the policy in the early policy years, the amount of the benefits you will get back may be considerably less than the amount of the premiums you have paid.

Both ManuShine Healthcare Series and Universal Life are insurance products underwritten by Manulife (International) Limited (“Manulife”). The Bank is acting as an insurance agent of Manulife. Premiums paid would become part of the Manulife’s assets and therefore you will be subject to the credit risk of Manulife. Manulife’s financial strength may affect its ability to meet the ongoing obligations under the insurance policy. The risks disclosed above are not exhaustive and you should refer to the policy provisions for the exact terms and conditions and if in doubt, seek independent professional advice.

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