• I agree that the Data Policy Notice shall apply to all information related to me that I have provided to the Bank in this application form or that the Bank has obtained from any other sources or that arises from my relationship with the Bank or any other DBS Group company (“Data”). I agree that the Data Policy Notice shall form part of the Cashline Revolving Loan Terms and Conditions. I agree that my Data may be used for such purposes and disclosed to such persons (whether in or outside Hong Kong) in accordance with the Data Policy.
  • I declare and warrant that I have (a) no overdue credit card or other loan payments outstanding for over 30 days; (b) not had any credit cards in my name cancelled due to payment default; and (c) not had a bankruptcy petition made against me and I am not petitioning or intending to petition for my bankruptcy.
  • I understand and agree that this application is subject to the Bank’s final approval.