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  • Certain funds may have significant exposure in financial derivatives instruments. Risks associated with these instruments include among other risks, counterparty risk, credit risk and liquidity risk. Such exposure may lead to a high risk of loss of all or part of the invested capital.

“New Fund Spotlight” is for general information and reference only. This “New Fund Spotlight” is not and does not intend to be, an offer, solicitation, recommendation, or invitation on any funds. In particular, the methodology used in selecting funds to be included in the list of “Selected Funds” does not take into account the individual circumstances of any customers. Investors should not only rely on this “New Fund Spotlight” to make investment decisions. The above only sets out some of the important risks that investors should take note of, please refer to fund’s offering documents for other important risks.

Fund Name Asset Class Fund Code Risk Level Performance Return (%)
YTD 1 Mth 3 Mths 6 Mths 1 Yr
Ninety One GSF Global Environment Fund A - EUR Equity 2914 4 0.78 5.53 11.48 11.31 50.61
Ninety One GSF Global Environment Fund A - HKD Equity 2915 4 0.66 5.47 11.60 11.36 N/A
Ninety One GSF Global Environment Fund A - USD Equity 2916 4 0.68 5.47 11.60 11.38 50.57
Jupiter Dynamic Bond - Class L AUD  Bond 9783 3 0.99 (1.66) (4.00) (6.13) 4.12
Jupiter Dynamic Bond - Class L CAD  Bond 9784 3 1.39 (0.26) (1.98) 2.49 7.77
Jupiter Dynamic Bond - Class L HKD  Bond 9785 3 (0.10) 0.21 2.76 2.64 3.04
Jupiter Dynamic Bond - Class L USD  Bond 9786 3 (0.06) 0.52 3.16 3.20 3.64
Goldman Sachs Global Millennials Equity Portfolio (acc) - HKD Equity 2910 4 1.52 (2.46) 6.40 3.43 N/A
Goldman Sachs Global Millennials Equity Portfolio (acc) - USD Equity 2911 4 1.56 (2.45) 6.39 3.46 33.13
BGF China Bond Fund A6 - RMB  Bond 9772 3 0.40 0.27 0.40 0.80 10.72
BGF China Bond Fund A6 - USD Hedged  Bond 9774 3 0.10 0.01 0.50 (0.22) 1.12
BGF China Bond Fund A6 - EUR Hedged  Bond 9775 3 0.52 (0.30) (3.35) (4.03) (0.16)
BGF China Bond Fund A6 - AUD Hedged  Bond 9776 3 1.15 (2.16) (6.49) (9.19) 1.54
BGF China Bond Fund A6 - HKD Hedged  Bond 9777 3 0.00 (0.33) 0.11 (0.81) 0.45
BGF China Bond Fund A6 - GBP Hedged Bond 9778 3 0.87 (0.24) (2.67) (3.03) 5.90

  • Performance returns are sourced from Morningstar as of 23 Aug 2021.
  • The risk level is assigned to a fund by DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited ("DBSHK") based on its assessment of the risk level of the respective fund, data as of 23 Aug 2021 and is for information and reference only. DBSHK may revise the risk level assigned to a fund from time to time without prior notice.
  • The “New Fund Spotlight” shows the new funds launched by DBSHK during [1 Feburary 2021] to [1 Sep 2021].
  • * This Fund is available for Branch Subscriptions only. Details please check with your respective Relationship Manager
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DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (星展銀行(香港)有限公司) is not your investment adviser or acting in any fiduciary capacity to you. The above information is not and shall not be considered as investment advice. It does not constitute any offer or solicitation of offer to subscribe, transact or redeem any investment product. Investment involves risk. Past performances are not indicative of future performances. You should carefully read the offering documentation for detailed product information and risk factors prior to making any investment. If you have any doubt on this material or any offering documentation, you should seek independent professional advice.

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