Frequently Asked Questions

How does PassengerOne apply to me?

PassengerOne insures the Insured Person 24 hours a day anywhere in the world.

What is Traffic Accident?

Traffic Accident means an accident involving one (1) or more vehicle(s), vessel(s) or plane(s), which is reported to the police with police report obtained.

Who is a Passenger?
Passenger means a person riding on a public or private Conveyance other than the driver, pilot, crew member, captain, or ship crew and he/she is not driving or working on it.
What is a Conveyance?

Conveyance means

  1. train, tram, railway, or
  2. mechanically propelled road vehicles (including motor cycle, motor tricycle, motor scooter) that have been registered and licensed by the governmental authorities of the jurisdiction in which it is operated, or
  3. mechanically propelled watercrafts that have been registered and licensed by the governmental authorities of the jurisdiction in which it is operated, or
  4. multi-engine fixed-wing aeroplane or helicopter.

Electric bicycle/ tricycle, electronic scooter, segway, jet ski or any other similar conveyance are not classified as Conveyance in this Policy.

Will the Insured be required to undertake any medical examination before enrolling PassengerOne?
No medical check up is needed.
Do I need to arrange for policy renewal upon expiry?
No, your policy will be automatically renewed on a yearly basis until the Insured Person reaches age 71, as long as your Premium is pay within thirty one (31) days of Renewal Date.
Will the Insured be covered if he/she is not a Passenger in a Conveyance at the time of the Event?
Any incident where the Insured Person is not a Passenger in a Conveyance will not be covered.

How to Make a Claim

Submitting claims

You can submit your claim to Chubb online at Chubb Claim Centre , or directly to Chubb's mailing address (Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited 39/F, One Taikoo Place, 979 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Attn: Claims Department)

Supporting documents
You should complete a claim form and submit together with the supporting documents, including (i) original receipts for any expenses incurred; (ii) any reports that have been obtained from the police, a carrier or other authorities about an accident; and (iii) any other documentary evidence required by Chubb to Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited within thirty (30) days of the event taking place.
Processing and payment of claims

Chubb must take all reasonable steps to pay a valid claim promptly.

Unless specified otherwise, Chubb will pay amounts under your policy to you.

No payments under this Policy shall carry interest.

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