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Career Opportunities @DBS

At DBS, our employees are empowered to live fulfilled the way they define it.  To broaden our employees’ skillsets and enhance their capabilities, we provide a wide range of career opportunities for them to grow and develop continuously.   We caught up with Chui Fong LEE, from Group Finance, to share how she are working to make work more joyful and create a difference.

“Over the years in my career, it has been a very enriching journey to work with colleagues who have diverse experience and knowledge. I truly appreciate the value of teamwork. The ability to collaborate and work as a team has always made a difference, especially in overcoming challenges to achieve our objectives.” Chui Fong said, “Given my role as the Finance COO, I believe I am well positioned to  help address enhancement opportunities and build out a joyful work environment for all of us.”

Communication Paves the Way for Internal Mobility Opportunities

Effective and open communication is a prerequisite for actualising career opportunities for potential employees. “Constant conversations with the teams and colleagues allow us to understand and share each other’s aspirations. And when the opportunities arise, we could be the ‘matchmaker’ and connect the most suitable candidates with the roles. What we have done may not take a lot of effort, yet the impact could be significant. All it takes is to invest a little bit of your time to listen and show others you care,” Chui Fong shared.


“We are not only open for our colleagues to explore internal mobility opportunities across teams within or beyond Finance, but we are also most happy to welcome colleagues from other units who are interested in a role in the Finance family as their next career development phase,” she added.  “There have been many successful cases in recent year and all of the colleagues are performing well in their new roles after Internal Mobility.”


Internal Mobility is a programme that allows our employees to maximise these opportunities and move within departments, across businesses or even geographies, so to empower them to gain greater exposure and acquire different skillsets and experience.


Embrace Growth Mindset and Turn Changes into Opportunities

Having said that, driving employees’ career development or internal mobility could be challenging sometimes. “The common struggle for managers is the balancing act between letting the team members venture out to another team for career development and managing the disruption in filling up the vacant roles. Open communication, understanding, trust and accommodation with the colleagues on the move have always been the key to enable a smooth transition,” Chui Fong advised. “It’s important to embrace Growth mindset. For employees, it is about being bold to step out of our comfort zone, explore new challenges and grow along this learning journey. The bank offers an amazing range of channels and programmes making internal mobility opportunities transparent to employees. For managers, it is about the resilience to manage the slight disruption resulted from the mobility process, while building the talent pool for the team and the Bank.”


Great feedback from our colleagues are always the fuel for us to go the extra mile.

“I’d like to express my gratitude to DBS, Chui Fong and Cora for offering me the opportunity to extend my career in a different profession. I am transferred to Consumer Banking Group Operations (CBGO) Risk & Control, Technology & Operations (T&O), through the Internal Mobility programme earlier this year in March.  Before this, I had spent more than 5 years in an Operation Risk role under Group Finance, during which I was given the opportunities to work with different risk teams within the bank on various projects, such as Risk Control Self-Assessment, and to attend subject matter forums. I felt empowered to grow and develop myself by engaging in my everyday work. Changing to a different role has further broadens my experience and exposure in DBS, enabling me to upskill and reskill myself by sharing with teams in T&O my knowledge in finance and learning more about operational processes in my current role.” - Kathleen LAU, CBGO Risk & Control, T&O