Fingerprint or Face ID Login


Click on Login button on homescreen.
Access DBS digibank app with just your fingerprint*.
Access DBS digibank app with just your Face ID**.

* Available on Touch ID enabled Apple devices running on iOS 9.0 or higher and fingerprint enabled Android devices operating on v6.0 or higher.

** Available on Face ID enabled iPhone X. To use Face ID in DBS digibank, you will need to turn on Face ID for DBS digibank in your iOS Settings.

Peek Balance


The Peek Balance feature allows you to quickly check the balance of selected accounts without having to login to digibank mobile application.
On the home screen before login, simply swipe the slider from left to right, and your account balance will be showed immediately. 
Press Digital Crown, select the app icon and open DBS digibank app.
Press side button, select and open DBS digibank app in dock.
Have a quick look at your account balance on Apple Watch. No login required.


After select Quicklinks on homescreen, click Customise in Quicklinks.
Simply drag and drop the icons from bottom to customize Quicklinks.
Easily access to up to 9 of your favourite mobile app services.
Easier Bill Payment and Fund Transfer


Simply select payee and account for your payment/ transfer.
Tap to input your payment/ transfer amount.
Search or filter to quickly find your payees.
Proceed to add any new payees with a simple click. Scroll to view all your payees.
Preferential Time Deposit Interest Rates


Personalized Profile

How to enable fingerprint or Face ID login, Peek Balance, and personalize your profile?


After login, click menu icon on top left corner and select Settings.
Select Personalization in Settings.
Use SMS One Time Password (OTP) or the Secure Device to authenticate your identity.
After Identity authentication, switch on Fingerprint* or Face ID** Login; switch on Peek Balance in Personalization, and select the account for Peek Balance. You can also update your profile with a picture or nickname here.