Declarations for Customers Onboarding

  1. I understand if I am (1) Aged 65 or above or (2) With education level at or below Primary 6 or (3) With investable assets at HK$100,000 or below, I could visit DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank”) branch with a Companion (e.g. my family/friend) to open the WMA account. However, I would like to proceed with the WMA account opening via online.
  2. I declare I am not involved in cash-intensive business(es), or can have any bearer shares issued by my company, unless otherwise specified.
  3. I am interested in and would like the Bank to explain to me on all Investment Products (including but not limited to Investment Funds, Securities Related Products, FX Products), all Insurance Products (including but not limited to Life Insurance, General Insurance, Investment Linked Plans) and Market Updates.
  4. I agree to allow the Bank to access and use my deposit information for considering and selecting investment and/or wealth management products or services to be introduced to me.
  5. I understand that if my HKID includes a Chinese name for me, Chinese name is part of Client Identification Data and is required for the Consent for HK Securities Trading, and the Chinese name provided should match with the record in the HKID. I agree to allow the Bank to edit the inputted Chinese name in this application to align with the information in my HKID, if the inputted Chinese name does not match with the record in my HKID.
  6. I declare all the document(s) being uploaded are true copies.