3X DBS$ Terms and Conditions:


  1. 3X DBS$ Reward on All Local Dining (the "Promotion") is only applicable to the principal and supplementary cardholders ("Cardholders") of DBS Credit Card (excluding DBS Co-branded Card, DBS Pay Less VISA, DBS Black Card, COMPASS VISA, CV+, DBS Business Card and Private Label Card) ("Applicable Credit Card") issued by DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the "Bank", which expression shall include its successors and assigns).
  2. "Promotion Period" is valid from 23 April 2007 (based on the transaction date) until further notice.
  3. Cardholders who settle bills with Applicable Credit Card at local restaurants ("Relevant Transactions") can enjoy triple DBS$ (included the basic DBS$ from spending) ("Rewards"). Relevant Transactions do not include spending on/at banquet services, private parties / functions, private room events, dining outlets in department stores, associations and clubhouses, and spending with merchants that are not classified as restaurants, whether Cardholder’s spending is classified as spending at restaurants shall be determined at the sole and absolute discretion of the Bank.
  4. The Rewards for this Promotion will be automatically calculated after the Relevant Transactions are posted. The Relevant Transactions and the corresponding 3X DBS$ will be reflected on the same monthly statement, 3X DBS$ will be included in the "Current Month Earned DBS$" / converted to cash rebate earned in that month (depends the reward scheme chose) without further notice.
  5. If Cardholder changes the DBS$ Reward Scheme, the Bank will calculate the Rewards based on the Cardholder's reward scheme recorded in the Bank's system at the time the Rewards are calculated.
  6. Relevant Transactions under a supplementary card will be deemed Relevant Transactions under the principal card account for calculation of entitlement to the Rewards.
  7. Cardholders must retain the original transaction slips of the Relevant Transactions. The Bank reserves the right to require Cardholders to present the original transaction slips of the Relevant Transactions and other documents or evidence for verification. Transaction slips, documents and/or evidence submitted will not be returned. If there is any discrepancy between the record of the Bank and the transaction slips record of Cardholder, the Bank's record shall prevail.
  8. Any fraud and/or abuse of the Promotion (as determined by the Bank at its sole discretion) will result in forfeiture of Cardholder's entitlement to the Rewards and/or cancellation of all or part of Cardholder's account(s) with the Bank. The Bank reserves the right to deduct an amount equivalent to the value of any Rewards awarded to Cardholder inappropriately pursuant to any fraud and/or abuse directly from Cardholder's account(s) held with the Bank without prior notice and/or take legal action in such instances to recover any such amounts. The Bank has the sole and absolute discretion in determining the eligibility of Cardholders to receive the Rewards.
  9. The Bank reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions as well as to vary or terminate the Promotion. In the event of disputes, decision of the Bank shall be final and binding.
  10. In case of discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.