Terms and Conditions for “DBS COMPASS VISA PARKnSHOP 8% Discount” Promotion:

  1. “DBS COMPASS VISA PARKnSHOP 8% Discount” Promotion (the “Promotion”) is only for cardholders (“Cardholders”) of DBS COMPASS VISA (“Applicable Credit Card”) issued by DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank”).
  2. The Promotion runs on 2 March 2022 (“Promotion Period”).
  3. Cardholder who completes Eligible Transaction (as defined in clause 4) on the Promotion Period with the Applicable Credit Card at the Hong Kong outlets of PARKnSHOP, FUSION, TASTE, INTERNATIONAL, food le parc, GOURMET, GREAT FOOD HALL, EXPRESS and PARKnSHOP Frozen Food Store (“PARKnSHOP Physical Stores”), or at www.PARKnSHOP.com, www.greatFoodHall.com and PARKnSHOP mobile app (“PARKnSHOP eShop”) shall be eligible to 8% discount (“Discount”) of the Eligible Transaction amount. Discount is rounded down to 2 decimal places.
  4. “Eligible Transaction” shall mean a single net transaction amount of at least HK$100 completed at the PARKnSHOP Physical Stores or a single net transaction amount of at least HK$800 completed at the PARKnSHOP eShop. Net transaction amount is the transaction amount after deducting any promotion discount (including staff discount, if applicable) and before COMPASS Dollar redemption. The following types of transactions are not Eligible Transactions for the purpose of this Promotion: transaction paid through the in-app purchase function of PARKnSHOP mobile app using Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, bill payments, Octopus card reloads, phone / fax / TasteToGo / Great-To-Go orders, purchasing gift coupons, stage 1 infant milk powder, tobacco, phone card / prepaid phone card / gift card, plastic shopping bag charging, consignment counter transaction, any redemption promotion and eStamp redemption, bulk / case purchase with single transaction over HK$50,000 or 50 cases, delivery service charge and 3 Shop products and services, transactions made at any outlets in Macau and Mainland China, unauthorized transactions, transactions and reload of e-Wallets (including but not limited to PayMe, WeChat Pay and Alipay) and any transactions that are subject to cancellation, charge-back, return of goods and refund or any other categories of transactions specified by the Bank from time to time.
  5. Unless otherwise specified, the Discount entitled by a Cardholder is an instant discount, it will be deducted at the spot when the Cardholder pays with the Applicable Credit Card in the PARKnSHOP Physical Stores. If the Cardholder uses the Visa payWave contactless function of the Applicable Credit Card or pays with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay which is bound to the Applicable Credit Card in the PARKnSHOP Physical Stores; or pays with the Applicable Credit Card in the PARKnSHOP eShop , Discount will be offered in the form of COMPASS Dollar rebate (“Rebate”) and will be credited to the Applicable Credit Card account within 3 months after the Promotion Period in which the relevant Eligible Transaction occurs. Rebate is calculated at the conversion rate of HK$1 discount to $1 COMPASS Dollar.
  6. Each Applicable Credit Card account can enjoy a maximum Discount or Rebate or a combination of Discount and Rebate equivalent to HK$64 on Promotion Period.
  7. If there is a supplementary card under the Applicable Credit Card account, the Discount and Rebate for Eligible Transactions conducted with the supplementary card will be counted towards the principal card account.
  8. Unless otherwise specified, the Discount and Rebate cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers or cash coupons. The corresponding Discount and/or Rebate will be cancelled or returned along with any cancelled or refunded Eligible Transactions.
  9. The Promotion is only applicable to Cardholders whose Applicable Credit Card accounts are in good standing, remain valid and not in default (as determined by the Bank at its sole discretion) during the Promotion Period and when the Discount and/or Rebate is offered to the Cardholders. The Bank has sole discretion to determine the eligibility of a Cardholder’s entitlement to the Rebate.
  10. Cardholders must retain the original transaction slips or proof of any transactions. In case of any disputes regarding the Discount and/or Rebate entitled, the Bank reserves the right to require Cardholders to submit the relevant original transaction slips, other documents or evidence for verification. If there is any discrepancy between the record held by the Cardholders and that held by the Bank, the Bank’s record shall be conclusive and binding on the Cardholders. The submitted transaction slips, documents and/or evidence will not be returned.
  11. Participation in the Promotion is subject to there being no abuse/non compliance by the Cardholder, failing which the Bank will debit the values of the Discount and/or Rebate from the Cardholder’s account without notice and/or take such action to recover any outstanding amounts.
  12. The Bank may change these terms and conditions and/or modify or terminate the Promotion. The Bank’s decision is final.
  13. The English version shall prevail if there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions.