Welcome Offer Terms and Conditions

  1. The Welcome Offer is only available to applicants who submit the Manulife Credit Card Application Form (“Application Form”) to DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (Bank”, which expression shall include its successors and assigns) on or before 30 June 2019 (“Offer Ending Date”) and submit all supporting documents required by the Bank and have successfully applied to be the principal cardholder of Manulife Credit Card (“New Card”) to be issued by the Bank within one month from the date of application.
  2. Welcome offer is applicable to applicants who, during the New Card approval process have applied for or held, or in the 12 months prior to the date of application for the New Card have not held and/or cancelled any Manulife Platinum MasterCard, Manulife VISA Platinum Card, Manulife VISA Classic (with MediPlus), Manulife VISA Gold (with MediPlus), Manulife MasterCard (with MediPlus), Manulife Platinum MasterCard (with MediPlus).
  3. If you have successfully applied for more than one New Card with the Bank by submitting multiple Application Forms to the Bank, you will only be entitled to redeem ONE Welcome Offer ONCE in respect of all applications submitted before the Offer Ending Date.
  4. Successful applicant with accumulated retail spending and/or cash advance ("Eligible Transactions", as defined in clause 5 below) of HK$4,800 or above ("Spending Requirement") within 60 days from card issuance date ("Spending Period") will be eligible to redeem "HK$200 Park'n Shop Coupon” (“Welcome Offer”)for free.
  5. "Eligible Transactions" are the posted retail transactions and cash advance transactions (for Eligible Transactions being settled with a Credit Card Interest-free Instalment Loan, only posted monthly instalments shall be counted). For the avoidance of doubt, the following types of transactions shall not be considered as Eligible Transaction: Cash advance handling/administration fees, casino chips, foreign exchange, finance charges, reversed transactions, late charges, credit card annual fee, Call-a-loan, Balance Transfer, Funds Transfer, Fee Based Instalment, transactions in Hong Kong Dollars at the point of sales (in case of online transactions, the place of registration of the merchant) outside Hong Kong, insurance payment, tax payment, any bill payment transactions made via DBS iBanking/JET Payment Service of JETCO/24-hour Customer Services Hotline or other available means as specified by the Bank from time to time, transactions that have been subject to cancellation, charge-back, return of goods and/or refund or any other categories of transactions specified by the Bank from time to time.
  6. Fulfillment of the Spending Requirement shall be calculated based on Eligible Transactions conducted with each New Card successfully applied before the Offer Ending Date. If you have successfully applied for more than one New Card, Eligible Transactions conducted with different New Cards cannot be combined for the purpose of calculating fulfillment of the Spending Requirement.
  7. Welcome Offer cannot be transferred, nor exchanged for cash/credit limit/other prizes.
  8. Welcome offer is only applicable to cardholders whose credit card accounts are in good standing, remain valid and not in default during the Spending Period and when the Welcome Offer is issued.
  9. If you are able to meet the Spending Requirement within the Spending Period, you will receive the Welcome Offer via mail within 4 weeks after the Spending Requirement is met.
  10. The Welcome Offer is available while stocks last. If stock of the Welcome Offer has ran out, the Bank has the right to provide you with an alternative offer without further notice.
  11. The Bank is not the supplier of the Welcome Offer. Any enquiry, claim or complaint in relation to the availability, quality or the accuracy of any of the aforementioned information contained in our marketing materials shall be directed to the relevant supplier. The Bank shall assume no liability in respect thereof.
  12. Participation in the Welcome Offer is subject to there being no abuse/non compliance by the Cardholder, failing which the Bank will debit the values of the Welcome Offer from the Cardholder’s account without notice and/or take such action to recover any outstanding amounts.
  13. The Bank may change these terms and conditions and/or modify or terminate the Welcome Offer. The Bank’s decision is final.
  14. The English version shall prevail if there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions.


  1. By making an application to the bank for the Manulife Credit Card ("Card"), you are deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions and shall be bound by them.
  2. Manulife (International) Limited is incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability.
  3. Use of the Card shall be subject to the Manulife Credit Card Terms and Conditions and any terms and conditions applicable to the use of any related services (such as “Call-a-loan” Service and Balance Transfer) which you have applied or may apply to use. Copies of such terms and conditions are available on request from the 24-hour Customer Services Hotline at 2290 8888 or from the Bank’s website at www.dbs.com/hk or at any branches of the Bank.
  4. There is a minimum annual income requirement for application of a Manulife Platinum MasterCard of HK$150,000.
  5. You declare and warrant to the Bank that the information provided in the application for the Card and all the supporting documents are true, correct and complete. You hereby authorise the Bank to verify your information contained in the application and any supporting documents from any source that the Bank may deem appropriate. The information you have provided to the Bank in the application is required and will be used by the Bank to assess your application for the Card and provide ongoing services to you. Failure by you to provide any such required information to the Bank may result in your application for the Card to be rejected.
  6. You agree that the Bank’s Data Policy Notice in force from time to time together with any other notices and communications concerning your data issued by the Bank from time to time ("Data Policy") shall apply to all information related to you that you have provided to the Bank in the application for the Card or that the Bank has obtained from any other sources or that arises from your relationship with the Bank or any other DBS Group company ("Data"). You are deemed to have read and understood the Data Policy and you agree that the Data Policy shall form part of the Manulife Credit Card Terms and Conditions. Copies of the Data Policy are available on request from the 24-hour Customer Services Hotline at 2290 8888 or from the Bank’s website at www.dbs.com/hk or at any branches of the Bank. Your Data may be used for such purposes and disclosed to such persons (whether in or outside Hong Kong) in accordance with the Data Policy. You hereby agree, in particular, that the Bank may: (a) verify, provide and collect information about you from other organisations, institutions or other persons; (b) transfer the Data outside Hong Kong SAR including to Singapore; (c) compare your Data with any data the Bank has obtained and use the results for taking of any action including actions that may be adverse to your interests (including declining the application for the Card); and (d) provide your Data to credit reference agencies, or, in the event of default, to debt collection agencies.  (e) provide such Data to Manulife (International) Limited ("Manulife") for Creditshield insurance underwriting, processing of this application and thereafter operating of the credit card. To expedite the processing of this application and receipt of the credit card, you authorise Manulife to provide the Bank with your personal data (including but not limited to name, home address, contact telephone number(s), insurance policy number and ID card or passport number).
  7. You understand that you have the right to: (a) request to be informed which items of Data are routinely disclosed to credit reference agencies or debt collection agencies; (b) request to be provided with further information to enable an access and/or correction request to be made to the relevant credit reference agency or debt collection agency; and (c) ask the Bank to request the relevant credit reference agencies to delete your consumer credit data upon termination of the credit card account if there is no payment default for a period in excess of 60 days on the account within 5 years immediately before the termination of the account. If there is any payment default, unless the amount in default is fully repaid or written off (other than due to a bankruptcy order) before the expiry of 60 days from the date such default occurred, you are liable to have your consumer credit data retained by the relevant credit reference agencies for a period of up to 5 years from the final settlement date of the default amount. In the event any amount in the credit card account is written off due to a bankruptcy order being made against you, you are liable to have your consumer credit data retained by the relevant credit reference agencies, regardless of whether there is payment default for a period in excess of 60 days on the account, for a period of up to 5 years from the final settlement date of the default amount or 5 years from the date of discharge of your bankruptcy as notified to the credit reference agency whichever is earlier.
  8. If you have previously submitted any documents to the Bank with respect to other banking services, you hereby consent to the Bank’s retrieval and use of such documents for the purpose of reviewing your application for the Card as the Bank sees fit.
  9. The annual fee chargeable for a DBS credit card is HK$300 and for a DBS Platinum credit card is HK$1,800, while that for each supplementary card issued thereunder is HK$150 and HK$900 respectively.
  10. The current annualized percentage rate (“APR”) applicable for calculating any finance charge is as follows:
      Manulife Platinum Card
    Cash Advance 39.53%
    Retail Transaction 37.32%*for Bill Payment of the merchant category of “Security Broker”
    37.14% for Bill Payment of the merchant categories of “Banking and Credit Card Services”, “Credit Card Payment” and/or "Credit Services”
    35.70%* for other transaction(s), including general Bill Payment
  11. * For explanation of this remark, please refer to the same remark under the Key Facts Statement.
    The Bank reserves the right to revise the APRs from time to time with prior notice.


You must read the entire Manulife Credit Card Terms and Conditions carefully. Your attention is drawn to the following key terms and conditions.
  1. Immediately after you receive a Card, please review the Manulife Credit Card Terms and Conditions and if you accept it, please (i) complete the Card acknowledgment/activation procedure; and (ii) sign the back of the Card without delay.
  2. You must keep your Card securely and ensure that your PIN is not disclosed to any other person. You must take all reasonable steps to keep your Card safe and your PIN secret and to help prevent fraud.
  3. Should you discover that your Card or PIN is lost, stolen or used in an unauthorised way, you must notify us as soon as reasonably practicable upon discovery of the loss, theft or unauthorised use.
  4. Provided that you have not acted fraudulently or with gross negligence and you have not failed to inform us of the loss, theft or unauthorised use of your Card and/or the PIN, you shall not be liable for any unauthorised transactions (except cash advances). If you have acted fraudulently or with gross negligence, then you shall be liable for all unauthorised transactions.
  5. You shall be liable for all transactions effected or authorised through the use of the Card. If there is a Supplementary Card, you are jointly and severally liable with the Supplementary Cardholder for such part of the outstanding balance in connection with the Supplementary Card. The Supplementary Cardholder is liable, jointly and severally with you, only for such part of the outstanding balance as relates to the use of his/her Supplementary Card.
  6. On or before the payment due date in each month, you must pay us the statement balance in full or at least pay the minimum payment as specified in any monthly statement in accordance with the Fee Schedule or any other notice. If you fail to pay the minimum payment on the payment due date as specified in any monthly statement, then your Card Account will be regarded as in a delinquent status and a late fee and a finance charge will be charged.
  7. You agree to examine each Card Account statement received from us and to notify us of any alleged error or omission within 60 days after such statement was provided. After such 60-day period, such statement shall be deemed accepted and conclusively settled and no claim to the contrary by you shall be admissible.
  8. We may (where the circumstances are considered reasonable) at any time suspend, withdraw, cancel or terminate your right to use the Card, Card Account and/or any related services offered. You may terminate your Card and Card Account at any time by giving us notice. Upon the termination of your Card and Card Account, all outstanding debit balances shall become immediately due and payable.
  9. We shall be entitled at any time and without notice to you, to combine or consolidate any credit balance on any of your accounts maintained with us (whether matured or not) with the settlement of any debit balance on your Card Account and to set off any such credit balance against any such debit balance.
  10. If you report an unauthorised transaction to us before the payment due date, you may withhold payment of the disputed amount during the investigation period.
  11. We may, at our discretion, appoint debt collection agents and/or lawyers for collection of any moneys owing by you to us or for enforcement of any of our rights against you hereunder. You shall indemnify us on demand in respect of all collection costs and expenses that we reasonably incur. The total collection costs to be recovered shall in normal circumstances not exceed 30% of the amount owing by you to us.