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Flexi Shopping

COMPASS VISA provides you unique payment options with interest-free installments. Simply register via our website, DBS Omni app or Registration Hotline 2290 8888.

3 Easy steps

  • Step 1 Make purchase with COMPASS VISA
  • Step 2 Apply through website or 24-hour registration hotline 2233 1888 before 6 working days of payment due date
  • Step 3 Enjoy long repayment period up to 12 months


Important Notes:

1. Only applicable on purchases of HK$1,000 – HK$100,000 (single transaction). Please refer to terms and conditions for details of eligible transaction category.
2. The definition of eligible transactions will be changed for the Flexi-Shopping application of CV+ cardholder starting from 7 Nov 2014, in which, tax payment and bill payment transactions will not be regarded as eligible transactions. For details, please refer to the Terms and Conditions for COMPASS VISA Flexi-Shopping Programme.
3. All Flexi Shopping registration should be completed 6 working days before the payment due date printed on the monthly statement. Otherwise, you are required to first settle payment for the relevant Eligible Transaction in full before the payment due date. Once the application for the Programme is successful, the payment you made for the relevant Eligible Transaction will be credited to your Card Account and the relevant Eligible Transaction will be converted into a COMPASS VISA Flexi-Shopping Transaction and net-off the statement balance in the following month.
4. If your account has applied for "Autopay" service, please contact our customer services hotline in advance of this application to arrange paying relevant transaction amount by instalment.
5. One-off handling fee will be included in 1st month repayment.
6. If the information you submitted is validated and error free, the bank will process your Flexi Shopping application accordingly. You will receive a confirmation letter if the application is approved. If there is any discrepancy between the information you submitted and the bank's record, our representative will contact you and verify the transaction before the due date of the relevant transaction.

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