Card Low Interest Loan and Services

Credit Card Fee Based Instalment

Enjoy extra financial freedom with up to 60 monthly instalments for your Credit Card spending.


  • Enjoy personalised monthly flat rate, as low as 0.18%*
  • Choose to repay by 6 to 60 months instalments
  • Combine various credit card sales transactions for instalment
  • No document required

Example :
Instalment AmountPersonalised Monthly Flat Rate (%)Daily Interest

How to Apply

  • Call Application Hotline 2290 8222

Useful Link

Note:  Early repayment of “Fee Based Instalment”

If you choose to pay off the “Fee Based Instalment” early, you are not able to save any interest because interest payable for the remaining term of the “Fee Based Instalment”, which is embedded in the monthly instalment amount shall still be payable.

* The above example is based on an instalment amount of HK$10,000, 12-months instalment and a monthly flat rate at 0.18%. The interest is calculated at 365 days per year, while the daily interest is as low as HK$0.6 and the annualised percentage rate is 4.04%. The Annualised Percentage Rate (APR) is calculated in accordance with the guidelines issued in respect of the Code of Banking Practice. The daily interest is rounded to the nearest 1 decimal place.

Notes for DBS Credit Card Fee Based Instalment Programme :

  1. DBS Credit Card Fee Based Instalment Programme and personalised monthly flat rate is applicable to selected customers. Please call the Application Hotline 2290 8222 for your applicable personalised monthly flat rate and terms and conditions.
  2. Please apply at least 3 business days in advance of the payment due date specified in the monthly statement.
  3. The application for DBS Credit Card Fee Based Instalment Programme is bound by related terms and conditions. For details, please call the Application Hotline 2290 8222.
Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

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