IMPORTANT REMINDER: To safeguard your credit card information, please close the window after you complete the redemption.

Acknowledgement of Use of My Personal Data in Direct Marketing

I understand that the Bank intends to use my personal data in direct marketing and cannot do so without my consent.  I have previously selected whether or not to receive direct marketing contact or information and I confirm that there is no change to my existing choice and all information provided in this application form shall be used in accordance with such choice.  I understand that if I wish to change my existing choice, I may do so at any time and without charge by completing an opt-out form and returning it to the Bank.


1. When submitting online redemption request, please provide Credit Card No., Contact No. and Email of the Principal Cardholder
2. No amendment or cancellation of redeemed items is acceptable upon submission of application for redemption.
3. DBS$ Redemption Offer Terms and Conditions apply, please visit