“DBS Credit Card x HKTaxi InstaRedeem Year-round Offer” Terms and Conditions

  1. “DBS Credit Card x HKTaxi InstaRedeem Year-round Offer” (the “Promotion”) runs from 21 February to 31 December 2020 (“Promotion Period”).
  2. The Promotion is only applicable to the principal cardholders (“Cardholders”) of DBS Black Card, DBS Eminent Card and DBS COMPASS VISA (“Applicable Credit Cards”) issued by DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the "Bank") who have not spent at HKTaxi with any credit cards issued by the Bank before the commencement of the Promotion Period.
  3. To be eligible to enjoy the offer of this Promotion, Cardholders are required to fulfill all the following requirements:
    1. Install the DBS Omni mobile application (“DBS Omni”), register for a DBS Omni account, and enable the “InstaRedeem” push notification in the setting of DBS Omni;
    2. Install HKTaxi mobile application (“HKTaxi”) and add the principal card of Applicable Credit Card to HKTaxi for payment;
    3. Register “InstaRedeem” function at HKTaxi with the added Applicable Credit Card; and
    4. Reserve taxi via HKTaxi and settle payment via the added Applicable Credit Card after the ride (payment made via Apple Pay is not applicable to this Promotion).
  4. Eligible Cardholders shall be entitled to offset the full taxi fare (round up to an integral) or HK$30 “InstaRedeem” amount (whichever is lower) (“First Time User Offer”) in the first taxi fare spending at HKTaxi after completing the steps set out at Clause 3 above.
  5. Eligible Cardholders must click “OK” on the Payment Success page after paying the taxi fare to receive the “InstaRedeem” notification at HKTaxi to enjoy the First Time User Offer.
  6. First Time User Offer must be redeemed at HKTaxi on or before 14 January 2021 after spending, otherwise it will be considered as being forfeited.
  7. First Time User Offer is subject to quota and is on a first-come, first-served basis according to the time record of the taxi fare transaction. When the quota is full, the First Time User Offer will no longer be available.
  8. First Time User Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other “InstaRedeem” promotion offers offered by the Bank and HKTaxi.
  9. The Bank has absolute discretion to determine the validity of a transaction and the eligibility of the First Time User Offer based on the details (including time and date) of the relevant transaction in the Bank’s record. If there is any discrepancy between the transaction record of a Cardholder and that of the Bank, the Bank’s record shall be conclusive.
  10. If there is abuse/non-compliance by the Cardholder in this Promotion, he/she cannot enjoy the First Time User Offer. The Bank will not offset the spending or where the offsetting has been effected, the Bank may debit the value from the Cardholder's account(s) without prior notice and/or take action to recover any outstanding amounts.
  11. The Bank and HKTaxi may change these terms and conditions and/or modify or terminate the Promotion. In case of any dispute, the Bank and HKTaxi reserve the right of final decision.
  12. The English version shall prevail if there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions.