DBS Live Fresh Card “Refer-a-Friend Program” Terms and Conditions (Revised Version: Major changes are promotion period, reward notification date and its arrangement. The revisions are underlined for easy reference. Apart from the revisions, other terms remain unchanged.):

  1. DBS Live Fresh Card “Refer-a-Friend Program” (“Promotion”) runs from 8 October 2021 to 20 February 2022 (both days inclusive) (“Promotion Period”).
  2. To be eligible to participate in the Promotion as referrer (the “Referrer”), he/she must be a principal cardholder (“Cardholder”) of DBS Credit Card or DBS Co-branded Cards (excluding PAY LESS Visa Card, Business Card and Private Label Card) (“Applicable Credit Card”) issued by DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank”).
  3. The Referrer is eligible for the referral reward under the Promotion (“Referral Reward”, as stated in clause 7 below) if ALL of the following conditions are fulfilled:
      a. The Referrer completes the following registration within the Promotion Period with his/her Applicable Credit Card successfully via webpage https://cards.dbs.com.hk or DBS Card+ mobile application (”DBS Card+”): i. register DBS Card+ membership (for those Cardholders who are already with DBS Card+ membership may skip step i. and go to step ii. Directly), and ii. Register for the Promotion, to enable his/her Applicable Credit Card account to be eligible for this Promotion.
      b. The Referrer will be given a registration reference number and unique referral application link for the particular Applicable Credit Card (“Referral Application Link”) upon successful registration. The Referrer refers a person (“Referee”) through Facebook or WhatsApp to successfully apply for DBS Live Fresh Card (“New Card”) via the Referral Application Link during the Promotion Period and submit all supporting documents required by the Bank within 7 days from the date of application, and the Referee activates the New Card within one month from the date of card approval (“Successful Referral”). The Referee must be a new customer (“New Customer”). New Customer shall mean applicants who, during the New Card approval process have not applied for, do not currently hold, or in the 12 months prior to the date of application for the New Card, have not held and/or cancelled any principal credit card (including Co-branded Cards) issued by the Bank.
  4. Each Applicable Credit Card account can only be registered once during the Promotion Period.
  5. The Referrer must ensure that the Referee welcomes this Promotion before sharing with him/her the Promotion’s information. The Bank is not the sender of the information to any referee, and will not assume any responsibility thereon.
  6. Credit card approval is confidential information that the Bank cannot disclose the approval status of Referee.
  7. Referral Reward:
      a. Basic reward: For each of the Successful Referral, Referrer is entitled to HK$200 InstaRedeem Amount.
      Extra reward: During the promotion period, when accumulating 5 Successful Referrals, Referrer is entitled to an extra reward of HK$1,000 InstaRedeem Amount; when accumulating 10 Successful Referrals, Referrer is entitled to an extra reward of an 11-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi 128GB – Space Gray (“iPad Pro”), the total quota is 20 units on a first-come-first served basis, the Bank has right to offer other rewards for replacement when quota is full. After the end of this Promotion, the extra reward will be calculated based on the total Successful Referral accumulated by each Referrer, while each Referrer can only receive one of the extra rewards in this Promotion, and the higher-level of extra reward shall prevail. For avoidance of doubt, please refer to below table and example:
      Cumulative number of successful referrals Extra Reward
      (Enjoy one of the following extra rewards only, and the higher-level shall prevail)
      5 HK$1,000 InstaRedeem Amount
      10 iPad Pro (Suggested retail price: HK$6,399) (20 quotas only)

      Referrer’s cumulative number of successful referrals Basic Reward accumulated Extra Reward accumulated Total reward
      1 HK$200* - HK$200*
      2 HK$400* - HK$400*
      3 HK$600* - HK$600*
      4 HK$800* - HK$800*
      5 HK$1,000* HK$1,000* HK$2,000*
      6 HK$1,200* HK$1,000* HK$2,200*
      7 HK$1,400* HK$1,000* HK$2,400*
      8 HK$1,600* HK$1,000* HK$2,600*
      9 HK$1,800* HK$1,000* HK$2,800*
      10 HK$2,000* iPad Pro HK$2,000*
      iPad Pro
      * will be credited in the form of “InstaRedeem”
      b. The Referral Rewards will be awarded to the Referrer via the red “InstaRedeem” button of
      DBS Card+ upon completing single retail spending with eligible Applicable Credit Card of HK$200 or above respectively (“Eligible Spending”) and when that Eligible Spending is displayed on Timeline of DBS Card+. Referrer can press the red button to off-set HK$200 of the payable amount respectively for that Eligible Spending via the “InstaRedeem” function of DBS Card+. The extra reward of HK$1,000 “InstaRedeem” Amount will be sub-divided into 5 times, HK$200 each time and pushed automatically to the eligible Referrer by taking the same way as giving basic rewards after the eligible Referrer has completed spending transaction with amount of HK$200 or above. Reloads of e-Wallets (e.g. PayMe, WeChat Pay and Alipay) and retail transactions paid through e-Wallets (except Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay) will not be considered as spending for pushing of the red “InstaRedeem” button. The extra reward of iPad Pro will be credited to eShop under the DBS Card+ account of Referrer in the form of promotion code on or before 30 April 2022, Referrer will be notified by push notification to arrange the redemption by him/herself. After successfully receiving the promotion code, Referrer is required to redeem the extra reward within 1 month after the promotion code has been issued at the designated redemption centre during the office hours. It is required to show the registered Applicable Credit Card and the valid promotion code on DBS Card+ for redemption. When the quota of iPad Pro is full, the Bank will inform the eligible Referrers in the form of push notification for the redemption details of the substituted reward. The extra reward will be forfeited and will not be compensated after the expiry date of extra reward redemption. Referrer can check the number of Successful Referrals at the registration page of Marketing Offers in DBS Card+ for reference.
      Redemption Centre Address Contact number
      AT+ Lai Chi Kok Showroom Room 703, 7/F Block A, Hong Kong Industrial Centre, 489-491 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon (Exit C, Lai Chi Kok MTR Station) 3594 6439
      Office hours: Mon to Fri: 10:00am – 7:00pm / Sat 10:00am – 2:00pm. Close on Sunday and Public Holiday
      c. In order to enjoy the Referral Rewards, Referrer is required to register for and activate a DBS Card+ account, and turn on the notification in the menu of DBS Card+ by selecting More > App & Security Settings > Push Notifications > “InstaRedeem” before conducting the Eligible Spending.
      d. The Bank will send a push notification via DBS Card+ to Referrer on or before 30 April 2022 informing Customers that they can start to conduct Eligible Spending to enjoy the Referral Rewards, please check the notification in DBS Card+ inbox. However, Referrer must complete the Eligible Spending within 3 months after the date of sending the relevant push notification. If there are still any uncompleted Eligible Spending after the deadline, Referrer will be deemed to have forfeited the relevant "InstaRedeem " amount. The Bank will not make any special arrangements and any forms of compensation.
      e. The “InstaRedeem” Amount as a Referral Reward cannot be enjoyed in conjunction with other “InstaRedeem” promotion offers offered by the Bank and the merchants. If Referrer’s spending meets the award requirements of other "InstaRedeem" promotion offer at the same time, the Bank has the right to determine which offer to be awarded in respect of that spending. When the spending has already been awarded under this Promotion, the same spending cannot be awarded again under other "InstaRedeem" promotions and vice versa. In case of any disputes, the Bank reserves the right of final decision.
      f. Referral Reward is only available to Referrer whose credit card accounts are in good standing, remain valid and not in default during the Promotion Period and when the Referral Reward is issued. The Bank shall have the sole discretion in determining Referrer’s eligibility to enjoy Referral Reward.
  8. Referrer and Referee cannot be the same person.
  9. If a Referee is referred to the Bank by more than one Referrers and the Referee successfully opens a New Card account, only the relevant Referrer of the first submission of Referee’s application (as determined in accordance with the Bank’s records) will be eligible for the Referral Reward.
  10. Any person’s Facebook accounts and/or WhatsApp contact numbers used for receiving the Referral Application Link shared by the Referrer will not be transferred to the Bank through the Referrer.
  11. Participation in the Promotion is subject to there being no abuse/non compliance by the Referrer, failing which the Bank will debit the values of the Referral Reward from the Referrer’s account without notice and/or take such action to recover any outstanding amounts.
  12. The Bank is not the supplier of iPad Pro or the description, photos or reference price (if any) in relation to iPad Pro published in our marketing materials (which are intended to be for reference only). Any enquiry, claim or complaint in relation to the quality or availability of iPad Pro or the accuracy of any of the aforementioned information contained in the marketing materials shall be directed to the relevant supplier. The Bank shall assume no liability in respect thereof.
  13. The Bank may change these terms and conditions and/or modify or terminate the Promotion. The Bank’s decision is final.
  14. The English version shall prevail if there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions.