DBS x HKBN Extra Welcome Offer of up to HK$300 “InstaRedeem” Amount Terms and Conditions:

  1. DBS x HKBN Extra Welcome Offer of up to HK$300 “InstaRedeem” Amount (“Extra Welcome Offer”) is only available to the new customers (“New Customers”) who have successfully applied to become the principal cardholder of DBS COMPASS VISA (“New Card”) issued by DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank”) during the period from 1 January 2021 to 31 January 2021 (“Promotion Period”) by downloading DBS Omni mobile application through the designated link (go.dbs.com/hk-hkbn300) (“Designated DBS Omni”), then complete and submit the DBS COMPASS VISA principal card application form via the Designated DBS Omni to the Bank, and submit all supporting documents required by the Bank within one month from the date of application.
  2. New Customers mean those applicants who during the New Card approval process have not applied for, do not currently hold, or in the 12 months prior to the date of application for the New Card, have not held and/or cancelled any principal credit cards (including co-branded cards) issued by the Bank.
  3. Each New Customer can enjoy the Extra Welcome Offer once during the Promotion Period. For the avoidance of doubt, if a New Customer has successfully applied for more than one New Card with the Bank by making multiple applications through the Designated DBS Omni, he/she will only be entitled to redeem the Extra Welcome Offer once in respect of all applications submitted during the Promotion Period.
  4. The Extra Welcome Offer will be sub-divided into 3 times (HK$100 each time) and awarded to the New Customers 1 month after the end of Promotion Period (should refer to clause 6 for the offer fulfilment schedule) via the red “InstaRedeem” button of DBS Omni mobile application (“DBS Omni”) upon completing single retail spending at HKBN with New Card of HK$100 or above (“Eligible Spending”) and when that Eligible Spending is displayed on Timeline of DBS Omni. The New Customer can press the red button to off-set HK$100 of the payable amount for that Eligible Spending via the “InstaRedeem” function of DBS Omni. Reloads of e-Wallets (including but not limited to PayMe, WeChat Pay and Alipay) and retail transactions paid through e-Wallets (except Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay) will not be considered as spending for pushing of the red “InstaRedeem” button.
  5. In order to enjoy the Extra Welcome Offer, New Customer is required to register for and activate a DBS Omni account, and turn on the notification in the menu of DBS Omni by selecting Setting > Push Notification > “InstaRedeem” before conducting the Eligible Spending.
  6. The Bank will send a push notification via DBS Omni to New Customers one month after the New Card was issued, informing New Customers that they can start to conduct Eligible Spending to enjoy the Extra Welcome Offer. However, New Customers must complete all Eligible Spending within 3 months after the date of sending the relevant push notification. If there are still any uncompleted Eligible Spending after the deadline, New Customers will be deemed to have forfeited the relevant "InstaRedeem " amount. The Bank will not make any special arrangements and any forms of compensation.
  7. The “InstaRedeem” amount as an Extra Welcome Offer cannot be enjoyed in conjunction with other “IntaRedeem” promotion offers offered by the Bank and the merchants. If New Customer’s Eligible Spending meets the requirements of more than one "InstaRedeem" promotion at the same time for receiving rewards, the Bank may determine the order of issuing "InstaRedeem" rewards; when the Eligible Spending has already been rewarded in one of the "InstaRedeem" promotions, the Eligible Spending cannot be rewarded again from other "InstaRedeem" promotions. In case of any disputes, the Bank reserves the right of final decision.
  8. Entitlement to Extra Welcome Offer is subject to there being no abuse/non compliance by the New Customers, failng which the Bank will debit the value of the Extra Welcome Offer from the New Customers’ account without notice and/or take such action to recover any outstanding amounts.
  9. The Bank may change these terms and conditions and/or modify or terminate the Extra Welcome Offer. The Bank’s decision is final.
  10. The English version shall prevail if there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions.