Corporate Actions & Settlement FAQ

When can I get the money after I sell stocks?

All sales proceeds will be credited into your Wealth Management Multi-Currency Settlement Account (MCSA) on settlement date.

StocksSettlement Date
Hong Kong T + 2
Singapore T + 2
Canada T + 1*
United States T + 1*
Japan T + 3
Australia T + 2
United Kingdom T + 2

*The settlement date for stocks in the United States and Canadian markets will transition from T+2 to T+1, effective from 28 May 2024 and 27 May 2024 respectively. 

Note: "T" refers to trade date.

How are dividends and other corporate actions managed?

Currently, you cannot manage dividend and corporate actions via our trading platform. However, you will receive notifications from us by ordinary mail for mandatory corporate actions. For voluntary corporate actions such as rights issues, takeovers, and dividends with scrip option, you will receive response slips which should be completed and returned before the due date should you wish to participate.

In which currency will I receive dividends?

It depends on the dividend policy of the issuer.