Credit Card Transaction History

Principal Cardholders can review information about all their credit card accounts (including supplementary accounts) as shown in the relevant card statements.

*Supplementary Cardholders cannot review transaction history of their supplementary card accounts.

To review information, please click "My Accounts" >"Credit Cards" > "Enquire Transaction History". Then choose the Credit Card Account Number and Transaction Type you would like to enquire about.

  • "Unbilled Transactions": you can view the latest credit card transaction history for the period from the last statement date to yesterday.
  • "Current Statement" or "Previous Statement": you can view your latest statement (available 2 days after the statement cycle date) and second last statement respectively.
  • Please refer to the issued statement details before you make the respective payment.

DBS$ Balance Enquiry / Redemption

You can enquire the DBS$ for your DBS Credit Card or co-branded card, or redeem for rewards with DBS$ under "Cards" > "Redeem DBS$ Rewards".

Change DBS$ Reward Scheme

You can change a DBS$ Reward Scheme for your DBS Credit Card or co-branded card under "Cards" > "Manage DBS$ Reward Scheme".


  1. Under the DBS$ Reward Scheme ("Reward Scheme"), Cardholders may choose to participate in either the DBS$ Cash Rebate Scheme or DBS$ Redemption Scheme. The operation of the Reward Scheme is subject to the type of credit card. For details, please refer to the applicable terms and conditions. Each Cardholder may change his/her choice under the Reward Scheme once a year.
  2. If a Cardholder applies to change his/her choice under the Reward Scheme from DBS$ Redemption Scheme to DBS$ Cash Rebate Scheme, each DBS$ earned before the effective date of the change will be converted into HK$1 cash rebate and shall be credited to the Card account automatically.
  3. Depending on the month in which the Card was approved by the Bank ("Card Approval Month"), DBS$ accumulated by a Cardholder will be valid until the end of the Card Approval Month each year, except there shall be no expiry date applicable to DBS$ earned under DBS Platinum Credit Card, DBS Gold Card, DBS Classic Card, DBS Titanium Card or The DBS Black Card. DBS$ shall not be redeemable after the relevant expiry date (if applicable)

Set Up Credit Card Autopay Instruction

You can set up autopay instructions to make regular transfers from your specified bank account to your credit card account. You may do this under "Cards" > "Set up Credit Card Autopay Instruction".

  • If the Bank cannot process a direct debit for payment of the full amount due under the payment options for any reason, a service fee will be charged.
  • You must pay your credit card bill by cash, cheque or other methods, until you receive a statement confirming your automatic payment instructions have been successfully processed.

Change Credit Card Autopay Instruction for Next Payment

You can change your credit card autopay instructions for the next payment under "Cards" > "Manage Credit Card Autopay Instructions for Next Payment".


  • Change of credit card autopay instructions through DBS iBanking will only be accepted and become effective for the next payment if the instruction is received at least 2 business days before the payment due date. After the payment, the payment instruction will return to its previous setting.
  • To change the payment instruction for all subsequent payments, please call our 24-Hour Customer Services Hotline on 2290 8888.

Credit Card Statement Request

You can request a hard copy of your current or previous credit card statements for DBS credit cards or other co-branded credit cards under "Request" > "Credit Card Statement".

  • A service fee of HK$15 per monthly statement copy (HK$50 through other channels) will be debited from the selected credit card account.
  • The requested statement will be posted to you by ordinary mail within 5 business days upon receipt of your request.
  • If your credit card statement covers more than one of your credit card accounts, you only need to submit one request for a card statement through any one of the accounts. Please note that a service fee will be charged for each request made.

Please refer to the Bank Charges Schedule for details of service charges.