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Mobile Number to receive SMS One-Time Password (OTP)

This is the mobile phone number you want to use to receive OTP. An OTP is a security feature in DBS iBanking/mBanking, a password sent by us to your registered mobile phone number via Short Message Service (SMS). An OTP is required when you perform designated transactions through DBS iBanking.

With the implementation of the Security Device, depending on the services you need, you are required to use your SMS OTP and/or the Secure Device to authenticate your transactions.

The SMS will not be forwarded to any other mobile phone number even if you have signed up for SMS forwarding with a Hong Kong telecommunication service provider.

Should you need to update the mobile number for receiving OTPs in the future, you may download "Change of Customer's Personal Data Instruction Form (For individual)" from our website, and return the completed form by mail, or visiting any of our branches.