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Supply-Chain Financing

Free up valuable working capital trapped in your supply chain

Free up valuable cash trapped in the supply chain with DBS Supply-Chain Financing (SCF). A pioneer in Asia, DBS offers experience in supply-chain solutions.


Why choose DBS Supply-Chain Financing?

  • Benefit from DBS’ experience in supply-chain solutions
  • Rest safe in the knowledge that our SCF solutions are of value to a large number of your trading partners, whether they are SMEs or large corporates
  • Implement supply-chain solutions with minimal change to your existing payment processes though our highly customisable solutions


Supplier Finance

Benefits to you as the Anchor (Buyer)

  • Possible extension of DPO, improved cash conversion cycle
  • Improved payables processing
  • Improved viability of supply chain


Is this a new type of financing?

Relatively speaking, yes. Supplier-Finance structures originated in North America and Europe, and are becoming increasingly prevalent in Asia as a result of trade links with the West. Buyer-Finance structures are more prevalent in South Asia, where channel-Finance structures are often used in the automotive or electronics industries.

How does it work?

Large corporates may use SCF structures to ensure the viability of their supply chain. They allow suppliers to leverage their credit rating in order to gain greater liquidity at a lowered cost, ensuring they can meet demand.

How will SCF affect my transaction processes?

Payment patterns and processes differ between companies, however our product specialists tailor the program to suit existing invoicing and payment processes. As such, your underlying transactions require minimal change.

What kind of sales/purchases qualify for this type of financing?

As we are looking to finance trade and working capital, transactions must be on open account terms and occur on a recurring basis.


How do I apply?

Simply call our DBS Business Care at 2290 8068 and our Relationship Manager will be glad to assist you. We will require details about your trading experience with your buyers.

Get in Touch

DBS BusinessCare: 2290 8068

Get in Touch

DBS BusinessCare: 2290 8068