Electronic Banking

IDEAL™ eReports

Receive reports, alerts and advices at your fingertips

Free up time and better monitor your company finances with DBS’ subscription-based IDEAL™ eReports. Choose to receive instant remittance advice via email or SMS upon transaction completion (i.e. when funds have been successfully credited into or debited from your DBS accounts). DBS IDEAL™ eReports keep you up to date with real-time banking information so you can focus on growing your business.


Why choose DBS IDEAL™ eReports?

  • Choose from a wide range of transaction alerts: Inward CHATS, Inward Telegraphic Transfer, Outward CHATS, Outward Telegraphic Transfer; trade application processed by bank, new letter of credit advised, and new bill received
  • Receive alerts in your preferred language option. SMS alerts can be delivered in either English or Traditional Chinese while email alerts are in both languages for your easy reference
  • Stay informed with detailed transaction advices. Detailed information including originator / beneficiary details (partial masking of account numbers enabled for data confidentiality), payment details, applied FX, involved charges etc. is displayed
  • Specify a threshold amount to receive alerts with transaction amount equal to or more than the threshold chosen

Product Details

Banking Reports That Suit Your Need

  • Choose from a comprehensive range of transaction limit, which can be set as a parameter for receiving your advice.


Real-time Alerts for Key Banking Activities

  • Flexible choice of alert delivery modes including email or SMS
  • Receive alerts for important banking activities of remittance advice

Monthly Service Charges for SMS Notification

  • Free of Charge


Monthly Service Charges for Email Notification

  • Free of Charge
  1. If you are an:
      1. Existing DBS Corporate Banking customer and would like to sign up for IDEAL™ eReports

    Download and complete the IDEAL™ eReports Application Form. Existing IDEAL™ eReports customer who wishes to add, update or remove users

    Download and complete the Maintenance Form


How will I receive notifications through IDEAL™ eReports?

You will receive eReport notifications through email and SMS.

Who can sign up for IDEAL™ eReports?

DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited customers who maintain at least one Business Account may apply. Please check with your Relationship Manager or call our Customer Services Hotline at (852) 2290 8068 to verify if you are a DBS (Hong Kong) Limited or DBS Hong Kong Branch customer.

What are the service charges for IDEAL™ eReports?

Monthly service charges for SMS notification

  • Free of Charge

Monthly service charges for Email notification

  • Free of Charge
What are the language options of IDEAL™ eReports?

For SMS alerts, may choose (via the Application Form) to receive messages in either English or Traditional Chinese.

For email alerts, the messages are always delivered in both English and Traditional Chinese.

What is the expected turnaround time to set up IDEAL™ eReports?

Once we’ve received your completed registration form, we will set up your IDEALTM eReports within five business days.

Who should I contact if I have a problem or enquiry regarding IDEAL™ eReports?

If you have any questions or experience any problems with IDEAL™ eReports, please call DBS Business Care at (852) 2290 8068 for assistance. The operating hours are: Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm.


How do I apply?

If you are not currently a DBS Corporate Banking customer, you have to apply for a Business Account before you can sign up for IDEAL™ eReports.

If you are already a DBS Corporate Banking customer, simply download and complete our Application Form.

Get in Touch

DBS BusinessCare: 2290 8068

Get in Touch

DBS BusinessCare: 2290 8068