Tax Season Loan

Apply Tax Season Loan via uGOiGOTM during the promotional period will be rewarded:

Lucky draw for $50,000 free spending credit card limitd $300</span> Deliveroo e-Coupons

Offer is subject to terms and conditions, for details, please click here.

12 months loan period 18-36 months loan period

Promotion is valid till 31.12.2016
Risks Disclosures:

Tax Season Loan Feature, Promotion Terms and Conditions

Personal Loan Terms and Conditions

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Welcome Rewards

Newly join DBS Treasures1 via uGOiGOTM and open a qualified Investment Account to enjoy:

1.10% p.a. 3-month HKD Time Deposit Preferential Interest Rate Up to HK$10,550 DBS Treasures Welcome Offers

Promotion is valid till 30.9.2016Customer hotline:2290 8888
Risks Disclosures:
  1. 1.For a DBS Treasures account, a monthly maintenance fee of HK$200 will be charged if a customer's monthly average account balance (including deposits and/or investments, calculated on a calendar month basis on the last day of the relevant calendar month) in any 3 consecutive months falls below HK$1,000,000, or its equivalent in foreign currency (ies), as determined by the Bank from time to time.
  2. If a customer closes an account within 3 months after its opening, an account opening handling charge of HK$200 will be levied and the Bank reserves the right to deduct the said handling charge together with the value of any cash reward and/or reward which is awarded by the Bank to the customer at the Bank's sole discretion without prior notice.

  3. 2.The Bank reserves the right to amend or revise the Preferential Interest Rates as stated in this promotional website at its sole discretion. The Preferential Interest Rates will be confirmed by the Bank to the Customer at the time the relevant Time Deposit is placed.

The above offers are subject to related Terms and Conditions:
For DBS Treasures Welcome Offers, please refer to <Terms and Conditions>;
For 3-month HKD Time Deposit, please refer to <uGOiGOTM Time Deposit Terms and Conditions>.

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DBS Mortgage application offer

Successfully apply for DBS Mortgage to enjoy:

HK$500 Supermarket Coupon

Customer hotline:2961 2288
Risks Disclosures:

Offer is subject to related Terms and Conditions.

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