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DBS offers you a one-stop solution for your home purchase or financial needs

DBS Mortgage

  • Loan amount up to 60% of purchase price of the property or the appraised value, whichever is lower
  • Loan tenor up to 30 years
  • New Purchase, Refinancing and Cash-out Refinancing
  • Free property valuation
  • Competitive mortgage terms
  • Comprehensive professional services – make an e-Appointment with our Home Advice Specialists now

Prime-based Mortgage Plan


  • Mortgage interest rate based on the HKD Prime Rate
  • Monthly repayment will be comparatively stable

HIBOR-based Mortgage Plan


  • Mortgage interest rate will change with the movement of market rate - Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rate (“HIBOR”)
  • Interest Rate Tracker Function – For your better financial planning
    Lock up the interest rate risk by a Prime-based interest rate cap, the mortgage interest rate will be determined based on the cap rate or the applicable HIBOR-based interest rate, whichever is lower.
  • Mortgage Interest Rate will be re-fixed at the expiry of each interest period


  • Competitive interest rate
  • Cash rebate
  • Enjoy special offer on fire insurance

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Mortgage Calculators

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Property e-Valuation

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