Online Time Deposit Offer

From now until 31 May 2017, place Time Deposit online to enjoy exclusive preferential interest rate and extra reward, manage your deposits online now!

Online Time Deposit Service Enjoy Preferential Interest Rate

Now all you need is to place time deposit through DBS iBanking or DBS digibank to enjoy exclusive reward.

From now till 31 May 2017

Place time deposit of at least HK$50,000 through DBS iBanking or DBS digibank for the first time to enjoy

Preferential interest rate
Place time deposit of at least HK$200,000 through DBS iBanking or DBS digibank for the first time to enjoy

HK$200 Cash Reward
Place 3-month/6-month USD time deposit of at least HK$200,000 in USD equivalent through DBS iBanking or DBS digibank to enjoy

HK$200 Cash Reward
Place 3-month or above HKD/AUD/USD time deposit through DBS iBanking or DBS digibank to enjoy

HK$200 Cash Reward
for EVERY HK$200,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency) portion of the time deposit amount.

If customer place a 3-month time deposit of HK$800,000 in USD equivalent through iBanking by using the below designated promotion codes for the first time, he/she is entitled to $1,200 in total.
  • DBS 1st Online Time Deposit Placement Cash Reward: $200
  • Extra Cash Reward for USD Time Deposit Placement: $200
  • Special Cash Reward: $800

Online Time Deposit Promotional Rates Table

interest rate (p.a.)
Promotion Code
HKD1 month50,000
or above
new funds#
3 months0.80%Y279
6 months0.95%Y280
AUD1 month1.40%Y373
3 months1.40%Y374
6 months1.60%Y375
USD1 month0.80%Y472
3 months0.90%Y473
6 months1.00%Y474
HKD1 month50,000
or above
existing funds
3 months0.80%Y991
6 months0.95%Y992
AUD1 month1.40%Y853
3 months1.40%Y854
6 months1.60%Y855
USD1 month0.80%Y969
3 months0.90%Y970
6 months1.00%Y971
# For the calculation of Eligible New Funds, please refer to clause 8(c) of Terms and Conditions.
The above Preferential Interest Rates are quoted as of 2 May 2017, subject to changes from time to time. The Bank reserves the right to amend or revise the Preferential Interest Rates at its sole discretion. The applicable Interest Rates will be confirmed by the Bank to the Customer at the time the relevant time deposit is placed.


Is it safe to place Time Deposit online?

Total peace of mind with Online Money Safe Guarantee
All your internet and mobile banking transactions will now be automatically covered by the new DBS Online Money Safe Guarantee. In the unlikely event that there is an unauthorised transaction, we will repay the money taken from your account.

Remarks: Terms and conditions apply.

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This guarantee is given by DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited in connection with DBS iBanking and DBS digibank service.


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