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Redefining travel rewards. Use DBS$ to redeem flights, hotels or packages at any time

iGO Rewards

Travel rewards redefined. You can now use DBS$ to redeem flights, hotel accommodations or create your own travel packages at any time! DBS Black World Mastercard® Cardholders can save more by enjoying 45% discount on redemption!

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Snap the iGO Rewards Promotional Code

Snap the iGO Rewards Promotional Code
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DBS Credit Card DBS$ Reward Scheme Terms and Conditions, DBS Credit Card iGO Rewards Terms and Conditions, Pinpoint Loyalty iGO Rewards Booking Terms and Conditions and Pinpoint Loyalty Privacy Policy apply to all bookings.


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iGO Rewards is powered by Pinpoint Loyalty (Hong Kong) Ltd. The Travel Agent License No. of Pinpoint Loyalty is 354081.
Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!
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Travel Insurance
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