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Up to 30% off on the international shipping

DimBuy shipping offer

Settle shipping costs at DimBuy website with DBS Credit Card to enjoy:

  • Offer 1: 30% off the first international shipping order and Enjoy $20 off via InstaRedeem 
  • Offer 2: 10% off on mainland & international shipping (customer return service excluded)
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DimBuy provides customers with interational forwarding services in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, US, Germany & the UK and Australia to Hong Kong.


Promotion Period

  • Offer 1 :  Now till 3 August 2017
  • Offer 2 :  Now till 31 August 2017


How to Buy


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  1. Offer is not applicable to DBS Black American Express® Card.
  2. Offer 1 and Offer 2 cannot be used in conjunction.
  3. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with DimBuy shipping coupons, all kinds of DimBuy Pass or other promotional offers.
Reminder: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

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