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15% off on shipping

Borderlinx shipping offer

Shop your favourites from Europe and America! Borderlinx lets you shop at UK, Germany and US websites with an international address and ship to your doorstep. Enjoy borderless shopping today!

Settle shipping costs with DBS Credit Card at designated Borderlinx website to enjoy:

  • Limited Time Offer: 15% off for the first shipment through Borderlinx Germany Hub
    Please enter promotional code in checkout: DBS15DE

  • Year Round Offer 1: 15% off for the first shipment
    Please enter promotional code in checkout: DBS15HK

  • Year Round Offer 2: Free concierge service


How to use Forwarding Service?

Forwarding service steps


Promotion Period

  • Limited Time Offer: 01-04-2016 to 30-06-2016
  • Year Round Offer: 08-04-2015 to 31-03-2017


How to Buy


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  1. Each Cardholder can only enjoy the Year Round Offer 1 once.
  2. Limited Time Offer cannot be used in conjunction with Year Round Offer 1.
  3. Limited Time Offer and Year Round Offers are applicable to the delivery to Hong Kong only.

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