Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service

Gives you a hassle-free payment experience by automatically adding HK$250 to your Octopus when out of value.

Features and Benefits

  • Add value to your Octopus automatically when it lacks sufficient funds
  • Transaction amounts are debited to DBS Credit Card and shown in monthly statements
  • Enjoy an interest-free repayment period for AAVS transactions
  • Earn DBS$ for your DBS Credit Card

  • Every HK$250 spending = DBS$1*

Application Procedure

Existing users of Automatic Add-Value Service with other BanksApply now and receive a letter to confirm the AAVS activation. A HK$20 handling fee will be charged on behalf of Octopus Cards Limited
Non-users of Automatic Add-Value Service and holding any Octopus productsApply now and receive a letter to confirm the AAVS activation. No handling fee will be charged

How to Apply

* The application fee, handling fee and every AAVS transaction (based on transaction date) are eligible for DBS$.

  1. If the stored value of your Octopus is zero or negative, or remaining value plus the maximum negative value (HK$35) is not enough to cover the intended value deduction, your card will automatically be reloaded with HK$250.
  2. First time applicants of Automatic Add-Value Service will enjoy HK$20 fee waiver. Applicants switching banks or restarting Automatic Add-Value Service are required to pay Octopus Cards Limited a HK$20 non-refundable handling fee.
  3. Each Octopus can only be reloaded automatically once a day.
  4. The application fee, handling fee and the Automatic Add-Value transaction of HK$250 each time will be directly debited from your designated DBS Credit Card Account.