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Bonus Point Scheme
Here is our enriched Bonus Point scheme in which every HK$1 spent with your DBS Credit Card or its Co-branded Cards makes you gain one bonus point. With sufficient accumulated Bonus Points, you can redeem whatever you like from our mouth-watering list of redemption items including a range of cash coupons, travel reward programmes, and others. No matter how special your need is, you will be satisfied!

HK$1 Spent = 1 Bonus Point

What's more, you can get extra reward with the following DBS Credit Cards:

DBS Credit Card/ mc MasterCard (For local dining transactions)

HK$1 Spent = 3 Bonus Points

DBS Platinum Card/ Titanium Card (For local dining and overseas* transactions)

HK$1 Spent = 3 Bonus Points

* Effective from 1 November 2010, the offer of extra 2-time cash rebate or bonus points for overseas spending of DBS Platinum Credit Card and DBS Titanium Card will be terminated.

The DBS Black Card (For local transactions)

HK$1 Spent = 2 Bonus Points

(For overseas transactions)

HK$1 Spent = 3 Bonus Points

Mileage Programme
By offering Air China Companion Mileage Points together with Easternmiles of China Eastern airline, KrisFlyer Miles of Singapore Airline and Asia Miles, we bring you wider and more flexible choices to free travel. You can redeem the miles under these schemes with DBS Credit Card or its Co-branded card bonus points to enjoy the privileges of free flights, upgrades and other exclusive benefits.

Asia Miles (F001) #

Asia's leading travel reward programme - which offers you bigger and better travel rewards than ever. With Asia Miles, you'll earn miles simply by doing what you normally do everyday, such as flying, spending on credit and charge cards, staying at hotels, dining at fine restaurant and more. Then you can redeem your Asia Miles for free flights, upgrades, companion tickets and other lifestyle awards for you, your family and friends.

12 Bonus Points = 1 Asia Mile

KrisFlyer Miles Programme (F401) #
KrisFlyer Miles can be redeemed for free flights, upgrades and companion tickets. You'll also earn miles whenever you transact with any of our world-class partners. KrisFlyer Miles also count towards higher tiers of membership and there are a host of benefits and privileges that come with each tier.

12 Bonus Points = 1 KrisFlyer Mile

Easternmiles Programme (F400) ^

The Easternmiles can be used to join many activities such as redeeming free air tickets, free cabin upgrades and free hotel accommodation as well. More kinds of services will be continually provided by China Eastern Airline, so that you can enjoy your comfortable travel as well as obtaining more bonuses. They are expecting to offer you the best service and experience of travel.

8 Bonus Points = 1 Easternmile

Air China Companion (F500) ^

"Air China Companion" is the first frequent flyer programme to be launched in China. It is designed for those frequent flyers travelling internationally and/or domestically on Air China or partner flights. Once your mileage points have reached a certain level, they may be redeemed for awarded tickets, awarded upgrades or other awards and services.

8 Bonus Points = 1 Mileage Point

These travel reward programmes will only be applicable to the cardholders who are registered members of Air China Companion/Easternmile/Asia Miles/KrisFlyer Miles. For further information, please kindly visit their website respectively:

Easternmiles Programme: www.easternmiles.com
Asia Miles Travel Reward Programme: www.asiamiles.com
KrisFlyer Miles Programme: www.krisflyer.com
Air China Companion Programme: www.airchina.com.cn


  1. Each redemption must be a minimum of 1,000 Air China Companion Mileage Point/Easternmile/Asia Miles/KrisFlyer Miles or its multiples.
  2. A handing fee of HK$100 will be debited from Cardholders' account for each redemption (except The DBS Black Card).
  3. Each principal cardholder can only redeem a maximum of 130,000 Easternmiles in each calendar year.

# Effective from 1 November 2010, the flying miles redemption of Asia Miles and KrisFlyer will be changed to every 15-bonus point is redeemable for 1 mile, and a handling fee of HK$50 will be charged for every 5,000 Asia Miles/KrisFlyer Miles redeemed (Redemption of 5,000 miles or less, or its multiples will be charged at HK$50 or its multiples). The maximum charge per redemption is HK$300. The handling fee will be debited from cardholder’s credit card account.

^ Effective from 1 November 2010, a handling fee of HK$50 will be charged for every 5,000 Easternmiles/Air China Companion Mileage Points redeemed (less than 5,000 Mileage Points or its multiples will be charged at HK$50 or its multiples). The maximum charge per redemption is HK$300. The handling fee will be charged to cardholder’s credit card account.

DBS Credit Card Rewards Programme Terms and Conditions

1. Only cardholders ("the Cardholder(s)") of personal credit cards (excluding DBS VISA Business Card, COMPASS VISA and 3Everyday COMPASS VISA) issued by DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited ("the Bank") in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("the Card(s)") are eligible to participate in the DBS Credit Card Rewards Programme ('the Programme').
2. The Programme includes a choice of "Cash Rebate" Scheme or "Bonus Point" Scheme. If no choice is indicated, the "Bonus Point" Scheme will be applied. The Cardholders are allowed to change their choice of Rewards Programme once each year by calling our 24-hour Customer Services Hotline at 2290 8888 or download the application form from the Bank's website www.dbs.com/hk/card. The effective date of the change of Rewards Programme will be the following day of the coming statement date upon the Bank's approval on the application.
3. Whether the Cardholders can choose the "Cash Rebate" Scheme or "Bonus Point" Scheme depends on the Rewards Programme applicable to the Cards.
4. If the "Cash Rebate" Scheme is selected, Cardholders can earn HK$1 cash rebate for every HK$250 spending with the Cards. This calculation is not applicable to DBS Pay Less VISA. The calculation for DBS Pay Less VISA will remain unchanged. For details, please kindly visit the related section of this website.
5. If the "Bonus Point" Scheme is selected, Cardholders can earn one bonus point for every HK$1 spending with the Cards. Clauses 15 to 21 below are specific terms and conditions for "Bonus Point" Scheme.
6. Bonus points and cash rebate rewarded will be rounded down to an integral, decimal places will not be counted.
7. Cardholders can choose to redeem Asia Miles / KrisFlyer Miles / Air China Companion Mileage Point / Easternmiles ("Flying Miles") with their bonus points. Clauses 22 to 30 below are specific terms and conditions for Flying Miles redemption.
8. The accumulated cash rebate or bonus points will be forfeited if the Card account is closed or the account balance of the Card account is transferred to another account. If Cardholder chooses to change his/her Rewards Programme from 'Bonus Point' Scheme to 'Cash Rebate' Scheme, the accumulated non-redeemed bonus points will be automatically converted into cash rebate and credited to the Cardholder's Card account after the effective date of the change of Rewards Programme at the conversion rate of every 250 bonus points = $1 cash rebate .
9. Cash advance and relevant handling/ administration fees, casino chips, foreign exchange, finance charges, reversed transaction, late charges, credit card annual fee, Call-a-loan, Balance Transfer, Fund Transfer, Fee Based Instalment, bill payment transactions of "Banking and Credit Card Services", "Credit Card Payment", "Credit Services", "Inland Revenue Department", "Tax" through JET Payment/Internet Bill Payment/Mobile Banking Service or other means as provided by the Bank from time to time, transaction that has been subject to cancellation, charge-back, return of goods and/or refund or any other categories as the Bank may at its discretion determine from time to time are not eligible for the Programme. Unless otherwise specified, fund purchase is entitled to bonus points or cash rebate.
10. All rewards (including but not limited to cash rebate and bonus points) are not redeemable for cash and/or used to settle the minimum payment.
11. The Card account should remain valid and in good standing when the cash rebate or bonus points are credited to the relevant Card account, otherwise the Bank reserves the right not to offer any rewards to Cardholders without any notice.
12. The cash rebate or bonus points accumulated in different Card accounts of the same Cardholder cannot be combined and are not transferable. Retail spending of supplementary Card will be aggregated with that of the principal Card account for calculation of cash rebate and bonus points.
13. The Bank reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions, change or terminate the Programme, as well as the redemption scales for cash rebate, bonus point and Flying Miles. In case of any dispute, decision of the Bank shall be final and binding.
14. In case of discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail. >

"Bonus Point" Scheme
15. Bonus points will be valid for one year from the month in which the Card is approved (regardless of year) (there is no expiry date for the bonus points of DBS Platinum Credit Card, DBS Gold Card, DBS Classic Card, DBS Titanium Card, The DBS Black Card and DBS mc MasterCard). A reminder will be shown on the Card statement one month prior to the expiry month of the bonus points. Redemption application of expired bonus points will not be accepted.
16. Principal Cardholders can redeem any items featured in the website ('the Rewards') with their bonus points. Unless otherwise specified, the redemption deadline for the Rewards is 31 May, 2010.
17. Approval of redemption application is subject to the bonus points remaining in the Card account and availability of the Rewards, the Bank reserves the right not to accept Cardholders' application. Application will be cancelled automatically if there are insufficient bonus points for redemption. For successful application, a redemption letter will be mailed directly to the latest correspondence address of the Cardholder recorded in the Bank's system. Cardholder is required to follow the instructions stated in the redemption letter to collect the Rewards (except Flying Miles). For redemption of any items offered by CABLE TV, the Bank will provide Cardholders' information to Hong Kong Cable Television Limited for necessary arrangement.
18. About 4-6 weeks are normally required for processing of redemption application. Required bonus points will be deducted from the Card account immediately upon successful application and will be shown on the monthly statement.
19. All Rewards (except Flying Miles) redeemed must be collected in Hong Kong.
20. Once a redemption application is approved by the Bank (regardless of the means of submitting the application), neither amendment nor cancellation can be made.
21. The Bank is not the supplier of the Rewards and will not accept any liability in relation to the quality of the products and services of the suppliers. Any complaints should be made to the suppliers.
Flying Miles Redemption
22. Cardholders who redeem Flying Miles with their bonus points must be the member of Asia MilesTM / KrisFlyer/ Air China/ China Eastern Airline ('Frequent Flyer Programme'). To be a member, Cardholders can make an instant registration by visiting the website(s) below:
Asia MilesTM : www.asiamiles.com
KrisFlyer: www.krisflyer.com
Air China: www.airchina.com.cn
China Eastern Airline: www.easternmiles.com
23. Cardholders are required to complete the redemption form and provide the membership number(s) of applicable Frequent Flyer Programme(s) in order to redeem Flying Miles with the bonus points, successfully redeemed Flying Miles will be credited to the relevant Frequent Flyer Programme account(s) automatically. The Bank will not accept any liability in relation to any loss incurred due to incorrect membership number(s) provided by the Cardholders.
24. Every 12 bonus points can be converted to one Asia Mile / KrisFlyer Mile while every 8 bonus points can be converted to one Air China Companion Mileage Point / Easternmile.
25. Starting from 1 May 2008, each cardholder can only redeem up to 130,000 Eastern miles in each calendar year.
26. Cardholders are required to convert at least 1,000 Flying Miles or its multiple for each redemption.
27. For each redemption of Flying Miles, a handling fee of HK$100 will be charged to the Card account by the Bank.
28. Application for redemption of Flying Miles must be accepted and confirmed by the Bank and will only be valid upon receipt of confirmation from the "Applicable Organization(s)" of the relevant Frequent Flyer Programme by the Bank. Required bonus points and relevant charges (if applicable) will be deducted from the Card account immediately upon successful application and will be shown on the monthly statement.
29. Members will receive rules and regulations of relevant Frequent Flyer Programme issued by Applicable Organization(s) upon successful registration. Members should comply and will be bound by such rules and regulations.
30. Applicable Organization(s) may change its Frequent Flyer Programme terms and conditions from time to time (regardless of the form and magnitude) without notice (subject to the decision of individual Applicable Organization). the Bank will not accept any liability in relation to any loss incurred to the Cardholders due to such changes.
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